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Will Wood Plastic Wallboard Swell For A Long Time?

Many people have a question when installing wood plastic wall panels: Will wood plastic wallboard swell for a long time? This is also a question that consumers worry about, so today I will answer this question for everyone.

The deformation of anti-corrosion wood is caused by internal pressure, while the cracking of wood is due to new changes in the surface of the wood, but the fundamental reason for the change is that the moisture content inside the anti-corrosion wood has changed. Most people know that anti-corrosion wood is composed of growth rings, but the growth rings on the two surfaces of the rotary cut sheet are not equal, and the speed of response to moisture is different. Therefore, under the same conditions, it is precisely because the surface area of the growth rings does not change. There is a difference, and the preservative wood itself is not malleable. Therefore, the side with the reduced area will increase and fill the reduced area to maintain the balance by cracking, and swelling occurs. The wood plastic wallboard is a synthetic material, the internal composition and stability, swelling is rarely the problem.

Moreover, under the same construction area or volume conditions, wood plastic wallboard has less loss than anticorrosive wood. Because wood plastic wall panels are profiles, materials with length, width, and thickness can be produced according to the actual size requirements of the landscape project.

The surface of wood plastic wallboard does not need to be painted. Generally, the surface of the wood must be painted or painted with water-based paint after the construction of the wood material is completed or during the construction process. The service life of wood plastic wallboard can generally reach 8-9 times that of anticorrosive wood. The data shows that plastic wood can be used for 40-80 years, and it will not swell like anti-corrosion wood!

In summary, wood plastic wall panels will not expand after a long time, and wood plastic wall panels can be renewed and replaced, and they can be recycled and reused after dismantling, reducing resource consumption and conforming to a low-carbon economy, so you can buy it with confidence.

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