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Plastic wood composite materials have many benefits

Plastic wood composite materials have many benefits

People in modern society have realized that the environment is closely related to our survival, so green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction have become the main theme of the current society. To achieve this, it is very important to protect trees. The emergence of plastic wood composite has greatly eased people's demand for wood outdoors and made an important contribution to protecting the environment.

Plastic wood composite materials are a new type of composite material that has flourished in recent years. In recent years, it has been developing rapidly from technology research and development, processing technology to application fields, and the application fields are also expanding. Building materials, outdoor facilities, logistics, transportation, and transportation Plastic wood composite is used in facilities, furniture and other fields. In particular, some high-end, visualized market plastic wood composite products are also showing their talents.

Having said so much, what are the advantages of plastic wood composite profiles? Plastic wood composite has many advantages such as low cost, excellent processing performance, and good surface decoration.

Plastic wood composite products can be made with new materials or old materials, and modification is relatively easy; the products can be made into low-foaming, so that the cost is lower, and the co-extrusion method (multi-material co-extrusion or steel-plastic co-extrusion) is used for processing. The strength and wood grain feel are better. Not only can it be processed into a variety of surface textures or paints (including UV paint), but the product is beautiful and has good color fastness. At the same time, the waterproof and anti-corrosion properties of plastic wood composite products are also good. .

WPC has a wide range of applications. It can be used in outdoor landscape pavilions, chairs, wall panels, etc., especially the use of pavement floors by the lake. It has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, long life, and blends with the environment; urban road landscaping is in construction, and both sides of the road are greened Fences, rest chairs, and even public toilets are widely used.

The plastic wood composite industry will develop rapidly in the next few years. The development trend of building materials mainly includes the following aspects: Material innovation plastic wood composite has changed the dominance of logs, MDF, gypsum and other materials. Its warm, natural and elegant wood compatibility makes it suitable for the decoration industry. Widely favored. In the future, with the development of production formula and production technology, the improvement of mechanical properties of plastic wood composite profiles will make the application scope of plastic wood composite more extensive.

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