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Advantages and application fields

Advantages and application fields

The current technology is developing rapidly, and many composite materials have entered everyone’s field of vision. Plastic wood composite is one of them. It is a combination of solid wood and plastic. It absorbs the advantages of plastic and wood and becomes a new broad new material popular with everyone.

The advantages of plastic wood composite:

1. It has the beautiful texture of solid wood, which is very realistic, and it is almost indistinguishable from real wood. It is as easy to process as wood, but it is not as susceptible to moisture and deformation as wood, and it is not easy to be infested by moths.

2. It is not easy to have residual fungus and is very hygienic. It also absorbs the advantages of plastic and is not easy to be damp and moldy. It is a good choice for many outdoor materials.

3.Environmental protection. Nowadays, plastic wood composite materials made from waste products such as wood chips, straw and waste plastics have also begun to be used in construction and decoration. In the past, buildings required a large amount of wood, and the emergence of this new composite material not only some wastes can be recycled and are recyclable materials, which can save a lot of wood, and there are fewer trees to be felled, which is naturally conducive to protecting the ecological balance of the environment.

Plastic wood composite application field:

Plastic wood composite board has a wide range of applications. Because its appearance and various functions are close to plastic and wood, it can replace many wood-based products, especially outdoor board replacement, such as many parks, villas, squares, waterfront landscapes, etc. : outdoor floors, fences, benches, etc., can choose to use this plastic wood composite material.

There are also some boxes with items that are made of plastic wood composite, especially for water transportation such as ports and docks. The packaging of this material can effectively prevent the goods from being damp and deteriorated when the goods are transported by sea.

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