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Comparison of wood plastic composite pavilions and other pavilions

The pavilion has become the most indispensable boutique in courtyards and gardens with its unique and pleasing functionality. Next, we will compare several pavilions of different materials, so that you can have a clearer idea when buying.

Reinforced concrete pavilions are the most traditional method. They are more common in parks and courtyards in the past, but such traditional pavilions are rarely seen in parks that are being developed now. I think this kind of pavilion is the best, and it can design a variety of antique effects. However, in this age when manpower is more expensive than materials, basically few people are willing to make this kind of pavilion anymore. Because it takes too much manpower, it is gradually eliminated by people.

A wooden pavilion is a pavilion made entirely of logs or preservative wood. Anti-corrosion wood has a certain degree of anti-corrosion after special treatment, and solid wood has clear lines and natural feeling. Compared with the first type, its advantages are more obvious, and it is more in line with the unique garden boutique such as pavilions. But after all, it is wood. Wooden pavilions also face a service life problem. The problems of cracking and long-term maintenance of anticorrosive wood paint also make it have certain drawbacks, so we need to consider it carefully.

The aluminum pavilion is currently a relatively fresh product, with a variety of colors and a wood-like effect. The life of aluminum alloy is relatively long, and it also has a certain economic efficiency in the later maintenance. However, it has never been as solid and stable as a wooden pavilion. It feels lighter and thinner. The view is good from a distance. The touch of approach will make people not want to choose this cold material for the pavilion.

In the end, of course, our wood plastic composite pavilion. What would a pavilion that combines solid wood and PE plastic look like? First of all, since we want to combine the two, it is natural that we have to abandon the defects of wood and plastic, and take the advantages of it, so that it maintains the naturalness of wood and has a strong imitation of wood. After embossing, the wood plastic composite profile is most people think that it is solid wood; at the same time, it retains the various characteristics of plastic, so that wood plastic composite has a long service life, and is waterproof and insect-proof, non-corrosive, non-mold, environmentally friendly, does not require painting, and requires no maintenance in the later period.

Wood plastic composite has the advantages of not fading and not deforming. We can guarantee that it will not fade for ten years; at the same time, we combine wood plastic composite and steel structure, so that the wood plastic composite pavilion will no longer be deformed. This will be a big breakthrough in the wood plastic composite industry.

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