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How to prevent premature aging of wood plastic composite pavilions

In recent years, with the popularity of wood plastic composite gazebo-related products, these high-quality products have been seen everywhere in people's lives, and they have been widely used in urban and garden landscapes.

However, many users often find that some pavilions will age and crack within a short period of time, but some people's pavilions have not even been used for nearly ten years without signs of aging. Many people blame the difference in service life In terms of the quality of wood plastic composite pavilions, in fact, there are many reasons for premature aging of wood plastic composite pavilions. Generally, as long as you have enough knowledge of the product characteristics of wood plastic composite gazebos, and do the correct maintenance of products, the "longevity" of wood plastic composite gazebos is not a problem.

According to the related maintenance regulations of wood plastic composite gazebo, it is strictly prohibited to use water mop to wipe plastic wood gazebo. Whether it is a wood plastic composite pavilion or a solid wood pavilion, do not wipe it directly with a moist, because too much moisture will penetrate into the inner layer of the wood pavilion, causing the joints of the wood pavilion to expand, distend, mold, or even become corrupt. Be sure to use special cleaning supplies for plastic wood composite guardrails to clean the plastic wood composite pavilion. It is best to use a professional plastic wood composite pavilion cleaning solution to keep the mop as half-dry as possible. Clean first after vacuuming, avoid grit brush, so as not to scratch the wooden pavilion.

The wood plastic composite gazebo has a double cleaning and protection function. If the wood plastic composite gazebo is wiped with ordinary water or detergent, the wood plastic composite gazebo will become damp, and the wood plastic composite gazebo will be arched and deformed. The detergent remaining on the plastic wooden pavilion contains acid and alkali which will corrode the solid wood fiber and reduce the strength, which will reduce the service life of the plastic wooden pavilion. Therefore, I remind everyone that you should pay attention to these small and medium details when maintaining the pavilion, so that the wood plastic composite pavilion can last longer.

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