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Application of wood plastic composite in construction products

People in the industry know that wood plastic composite has many advantages and is widely used, especially for construction products. Let's talk about the application of wood plastic composite in construction products. The fastest-growing potential market for wood plastic composite is construction products that do not require high structural functions, including industrial flooring, composite door and window frames, guardrails and landscape materials.

A large branch of WPC is the production of wood plastic composite construction profiles. The most commonly used plastic substrate is PVC, but other plastics or composite materials can also be used. Although wood plastic composite materials are more expensive than PVC materials, they have won people's favor due to consideration of properties such as thermal stability, moisture resistance, and stiffness. At the same time, wood grain and other decorative patterns can be made on the surface of the wood plastic composite material, so that it has a visual effect similar to that of wooden doors and windows, which not only meets the requirements of the senses, but is also more durable than wood.

Wood plastic composite products are more expensive than planks compressed with preservatives, but they require less maintenance and lower maintenance costs. It reduces cracking under outdoor conditions, and the problems of pollution and corrosion protection failure caused by climate loss are relatively low.

Because wood plastic composite materials have excellent moisture resistance and dimensional stability, their applications in garden construction are gradually increasing, such as making tables and chairs, trash cans, etc.

The application of composite materials in the garden reduces the volume demand for solid wood. At the same time, its advantages in handling complex and diverse shapes provide a huge creative space for garden design, enabling designers to create a more beautiful and unique appearance than solid wood materials, garden art.

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