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A highlight in the field of plastic wood composite housing construction

Human life is inseparable from architecture, as well as wood, cement, steel, and plastic. As a result, global tree felling, mining, and oil extraction have been triggered. The environment has been polluted and garbage has surrounded the city. The material industry has been researching and developing a new type of renewable and recycled materials, which partially replace wood, cement, and steel to build houses. This is the plastic wood composite material known as the fifth basic material. The United States and Europe have successfully developed high-tech all plastic wood composite monolithic houses. The "plastic wood composite kingdom" has quietly risen as industrial plants; public buildings, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, and hospitals; tourist villas, motels, hotels, and restaurants for tourism; civil residences and villas for traditional construction and many more.

Initially, after plastic wood composite is used as the material for plastic wood composite houses, it can effectively integrate the singular characteristics of the original plastic wood composite system, and then the plastic wood composite floors, guardrails, handrails, flower boxes and other landscapes can be effectively used in plastic wood composite houses or villas. The integration of WPC can carry out overall design and decoration, etc., which can truly realize the construction of WPC into tourism real estate and resort real estate, realize the leap-forward development of WPC products from low-end to high-end applications, and create WPC products a new application field has become the direction of WPC people's dedicated efforts in recent years. At present, plastic wood composite houses are gradually being recognized. Many development zones, real estate developers, tourist attractions, new rural construction, private residences, etc. value this very advantageous product. The rapid promotion of plastic wood composite houses is already a new material and A highlight in the field of architecture. The future plastic wood composite houses will make full use of solar energy, wind energy, and geothermal energy to form truly self-sufficient green houses.

Compared with the traditional brick-concrete structure house, the plastic wood composite house of the new building material system has irreplaceable advantages: the wall thickness of the general brick-concrete structure house is 240mm, while the mobile house is in the same area. The bottom is less than 240mm. The indoor usable area of plastic wood composite houses is much larger than that of traditional brick-concrete houses. Plastic wood composite houses are light in weight, less wetland operations, short construction period, and good thermal performance. Furthermore, most of the building materials used in plastic-wood houses can be recycled, reused and degraded, with low cost, and are green and environmentally friendly houses. In particular, the brick-concrete structure is not environmentally friendly. The large amount of clay is used to destroy the ecology and reduce the cultivated land. Therefore, the technological breakthrough and application of plastic wood composite houses will be long-term and will change the traditional construction mode and make human living The cost becomes smaller and the living environment becomes better. It can play a major role in environmental protection.

Building a house is inseparable from bricks, tiles, sand and gravel. This is a rule that has been passed down for thousands of years. However, plastic wood composite houses can build hundreds of houses in only tens of days, from the roof to the walls, from the ground to the doors and windows, using plastic wood composite materials. This kind of plastic wood composite material that can build houses is by no means a simple regeneration and recycling of traditional materials, but a new type of building material with better physical properties by using high-tech modification methods. Take wall panels as an example. Traditional wooden wall panels are afraid of fire and water, while cement wall panels are bulky and airtight. In comparison, plastic wood composite wall panels have magical properties. Plastic wood composite wall panels are not only water-resistant like cement, but also breathable like wood, so they are called "breathing walls". Living in such a house can feel warm in winter and cool in summer.

As long as it has undergone strict construction quality acceptance inspections, the wood plastic composite houses built with plastic wood composite materials will have the same technical performance indicators as the reinforced concrete frame structure and brick-concrete structure building. In particular, the unique advantages of wood plastic composite materials, light weight, high-strength thermal insulation, enable wood plastic composite houses to withstand large earthquakes above 8 degrees, small earthquakes will not damage, large earthquakes will not collapse, even if the house collapses, it will not endanger life. This wood plastic composite house meets the technical requirements of residential industrialization. The roof, walls, doors and windows, and floors are all parts and components made in the factory. They can be assembled on-site after being transported to the construction site, which has changed the traditional wet construction method. The construction period is greatly shortened, and the comprehensive cost savings are also considerable.

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