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Ecological Wood Plastic PVC Board Performance Analysis

Ecological wood plastic panel is also one of our common floors. Below is the ecological wood plastic PVC board performance analysis. Let’s take a look.

Low temperature (5℃drop hammer impact) : 10 times zero broken color: according to the customer request life: not less than 50 years.

Product description:

One, with excellent weather resistance, service life not less than fifty years, adopt unique super weather resistance anti-aging formula design, it has been verified by practice: in Russia, China mainland, southeast coast, all kinds of weather conditions, such as southeast Asia all showed good applicability.

Two, waterproof performance outstanding, avoid fortification water, in 15 degrees - 90 degrees slope roof building using mean free security layer.

Three, wind resistance, safe and reliable seismic - 90 degrees of building facade decoration, regardless of application in the villa or high-level, inland or coastal, can withstand hurricane, earthquake, roofing system safe and reliable.

Four, color is rich, innovative personality, lasting stability, select 25 kinds of color. The surface is bright and clean, can with strong acid and alkaline, so in any environment will not mildew, corrosion, if it is new.

Five, the fire prevention performance is good, PVC board and conform to the requirements of the national roofing material fire prevention, flame retardant grade standard, effective slow fire spread.

Six, heat insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation performance is good, the core layer of porous materials make sound energy due to friction in the porous wall decline, resulting in a sound-absorbing effect.

Seven, excellent toughness and strength.

Eight, construction is simple - shop is the fastest, lowest cost. The area is large, light weight, carrying light; Can be directly nails, sawing, drilling.

Nine, economical market prospect of PVC board can be seen everywhere in People's Daily lives. PVC can not only show the color of nature, you can also show people fantasy color. In Germany, 40% of the furniture are made of PVC material for surface, such as desk, bookcase, sofa, hutch ark, etc. It is deeply like PVC foam board, love in the world today are popular and widely used a synthetic material. Its global usage in various kinds of synthetic materials second. According to statistics, only in 1995, the production of PVC in Europe was five million tons, and its consumption of five million three hundred thousand tons. In Germany, an average of one million four hundred thousand tons. PVC production and consumption of PVC is with a 4% growth rate in the world within the scope of production and application. In the growth of southeast Asia especially several degrees. PVC board and rigid PVC extrusion sheet imported from Austria Cincinnati crown company has the world advanced flat CM80 conical twin-screw extrusion production lines. Product quality first-class, color is black and white commonly, also can according to customer's need to color PVC hard board, the color bright, beautiful and easy. Product thickness limit: below 30 mm. Product width: 1260 mm less than, the standard width of 1220 mm.

Characteristics: the quality of the products implement GB/T13520-1992. It has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high strength, UV resistance (aging), fire retardant (with self-extinguishing), insulation performance is reliable, the surface is bright and clean level off, not bibulous not deformation, easy processing, etc. Use: the product is superior heat molding material, can replace part of stainless steel and other corrosion resistance of synthetic materials. Soft PVC board PVC soft board (coil) surface luster, soft. There are brown, green, white, grey and other colors to choose from, into the product materials, made careful, widely used. The biggest width: 1260 mm less than, the standard 1220 mm wide. The performance characteristics: soft, hardy, wear-resisting, acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, excellent tear resistance, good weld ability, superior physical properties of rubber, such as the coil he. PVC plate - the application scope of application scope.

Ecological wood plastic PVC board performance analysis is here. Do you have a new understanding of wood plastic PVC board?

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