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Precautions during construction of plastic wood composite guardrail

Plastic wood composite guardrail products integrate the advantages of both plastic and wood materials and have the characteristics of green energy saving and environmental protection. This product has been widely used in building materials. However, due to the particularity of plastic wood composite products, there are many details to pay attention to during construction.
Five matters needing attention in the construction process of plastic wood composite guardrail:
1. Some plastic wood composite guardrails can be installed directly on the ground, but when laying plastic wood composite guardrails on the ground, care must be taken to protect the surface of the plastic wood composite guardrail from scratches to ensure the smoothness, cleanliness and aesthetics of the plastic wood composite material surface.
2. When installing the plastic wood composite fence, ensure the aesthetics of the installation while ensuring the strength, and there should be no damage, and pay attention to the position of the screws, and the screw holes should not be exposed as much as possible, so as not to affect the overall fence installation effect.
3. When installing the column and the ground, steel plates can be embedded in the concrete, so that the steel plate at the bottom of the column is welded to the embedded steel plate, or the bolts are used for fastening, and the firmness of the column must be ensured.
4. For special guardrails, such as plastic wood composite guardrails with radian, the angle of the tenon needs to be systematically and accurately calculated. At the same time, it should also be considered that plastic wood composite guardrails also have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. When installing, it is necessary to leave a little space for expansion and contraction to avoid expansion of outdoor plastic wood composite guardrails during the rainy season and affect normal use. In addition, when installing the hat, use glue to fix it, and pay attention to the symmetrical transition.
5. When installing plastic wood composite guardrail, pay attention to the style, specification and span of the guardrail. When the total length of the guardrail is greater than 300m, consider adding a deformed transitional column.

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