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The Difference Between Wood Plastic Flooring And Bamboo Wood Flooring

As we all know, wood plastic composite flooring is becoming more and more popular among consumers, but as the saying goes, it is difficult to adjust. To be sought after by consumers and companies, it is inseparable from the performance they are pursuing, so the types of composite flooring are also increasing. The more, today we will make an analysis on the difference between wood plastic flooring and bamboo wood flooring.

The first is wood plastic flooring. Regarding the characteristics and performance of wood plastic flooring: first, wood plastic flooring has good strength, high hardness, non-slip, wear resistance, insect resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, heat insulation and flame retardant. Physical properties; second, wood plastic flooring not only has the natural appearance and texture of wood, but also has better stability than wood; third, wood plastic flooring has secondary processing properties of wood that can be sawed, planed, and bonded; fourth, and the most important point, wood plastic flooring not only does not release harmful substances to cause air pollution, but it can also be 100% recycled and reused, and its environmental performance is very superior.

First of all, bamboo flooring uses bamboo instead of wood, which has the original characteristics of wood. In the process of bamboo processing, high-quality glue that meets national standards is used to avoid the harm of formaldehyde and other substances to the human body. Bamboo flooring uses advanced equipment and Technology, through 26 processes of processing bamboo, it has both the natural beauty of the wood floor and the durability of ceramic floor tiles. However, although the drying process reduces the size change, because the bamboo is a natural profile, it will also be deformed with the change of the climate and humidity. Therefore, in use, in the dry season in the north, especially when the heating is turned on, the indoor humidity needs to be adjusted by different methods, such as using a humidifier or putting water on the heating, etc.; in the yellow mold season in the south, windows should be opened to ventilate and keep the room dry. . Otherwise, deformation may occur. Bamboo and wood floors should be avoided from sun exposure and rain, and should be wiped dry in time if it encounters water.

Through the comparison and discovery of the difference between wood plastic flooring and bamboo wood flooring above, it is concluded that wood plastic flooring has less natural touch and appearance than bamboo wood flooring. Bamboo and wood flooring is cooler, especially suitable for use in summer, but you are not careful. In the later maintenance and maintenance, decay and mold will appear, so wood plastic flooring is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, while bamboo and wood flooring is more suitable for indoors.

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