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Wood Plastic Composite Application Prospect In Military Field

Do you know? Wood plastic composite material not only appear in our lives, but also in the military field. Let's understand the wood plastic composite application prospect in military field.

WPC (hereinafter referred to as WPC) is a renewable plant fiber as the main material, mixed with a certain proportion of the polymer base material by physical, chemical and biological engineering, and other high-tech, after special treatment, then after the molding of a reversible multi-purpose recycling new material.

Broadly speaking, the WPC has now become a variety of plant fiber materials, even at the base portion of the inorganic materials with different polymer resin composite materials made of a new type of biomass material. It appears not only help alleviate the current global scarcity of resources and recycling, more importantly, to be able to play a better role model for the promotion of new materials and environmental protection industries.

WPC biggest feature is that it also has the advantages of natural wood and resin material of two different base materials. WPC compared with plastic, both in the mechanical properties of hardness, stiffness, or in preventing aging, deformation and other practical aspects, it has improved considerably increase. WPC can be made from various types of wood profiles, has good processing performance, sawing, planing, nails, can bend and adhesion, with a texture similar to natural wood and performance, adding pigments, painting or film can be made into a variety of colors, almost like natural wood, and wood products.

WPC not only avoids the poor durability of natural wood, flammable, get tide, perishable, easy to decay, breed mildew, not easy to anti-acid and alkali, etc, but also to avoid the simple plastic deformation aging, high temperature creep, low temperature brittleness deficiencies, with waterproof, dried undivided, self-extinguish from the fire, resist insects, durable, adapt to a wide temperature range and so on. Its waste can also be recycled after use secondary use as a kind of self-cleaning ecological environment-friendly material, not only in line with the circular economy and low-carbon economy, in line with operational requirements and multiple Hugh whole army.

Application of many current structural wood materials and products, decoration, packaging and special type of class several major types of dozens of varieties, including wire, plate, pipe, profiles and other series and combination product. From the development perspective, the scope of wood materials and products almost cover all wood, plastic, steel, aluminum and composite materials are now other similar areas of use, has begun to enter the building, decoration, furniture, logistics, packaging, garden, municipal, transportation, environmental protection, sports and other industries use in wallboard, paneling, window cover, corridor, partitions, ceilings, fences, bridge, sauna, rest kiosks, garage, doors and door pockets, open-air seats, indoor sleeper, Deck, construction template, container decking, multi-wall partitions, highway noise walls and other places.

It is understood that both the Chinese and foreign military system still working on the plastic materials research work, in general, there is a lot of room WPC applications in the military field. Research WPC applications in the military field, no matter from the perspective of industrial development, or improve military equipment from starting construction, is undoubtedly of great significance.

Currently in the domestic application of wood materials, about 75% or more applications in the field of architecture, construction and military barracks, especially the wild barracks structures, WPC should come in handy.

In the current development momentum of rapid foaming PVC-based WPC, for example, such materials generally have good thermal insulation properties, ideal for interior construction. And compared to steel, cement, wood material lighter and strong affinity, non-toxic material dispersal can be used extensively for flooring, wall panels, door panels, window profiles, outdoor terrace and other facilities, especially suitable for use in hot and humid tropics, subtropical and foreshore area (Do not have test report to see if it can be used in cold areas). WPC moisture resistant to water, mildew moth, and most of the WPC materials, installation and removal are very convenient, the construction field with its barracks, clinics, hospitals, or field command post with anti-electronic jamming capabilities, not only to improve the residential buildings and army barracks of quality quite helpful, but also has great practical value and economic significance. In this area, the WPC in citizen construction has accumulated considerable experience, when will it come into the military system is still some way off.

Construction of port facilities

According to foreign media reports, many of the US Navy port facilities are constructed during during World War II, and now had to retire. NAVFAC magazine has an annual assessment of the US Navy for the cost of protective treatment of wood is about $ 40 million to 50 million for the repair, replacement cost wood wharf is as high as $ 250 million, primarily due to intolerance seawater and natural wood biological corrosion, easy to crack and warp, caused the life is very short.

After known WPC in this regard has obvious performance advantages, the US Navy and relevant agencies to this end has launched a multi-year, the total amount of over ten million dollars WPC substitute natural wood development project, intended to be a large size WPC material to replace natural wood column for the harbor and dock construction and maintenance, to extend the pier column life, reduce maintenance costs. And another interdisciplinary group consisting of several US agencies, the Navy specializing in WPC for other terminal facilities feasibility. It is reported that in the United States naval ports, WPC has been adopted as part of the wood plastic wood decking Navy Pier purposes.

Transportation packaging

Transportation packaging are mainly used for military logistics equipment logistics equipment,which focused on ammunition packaging and transportation appliances. In terms of packaging, the army and ammunition use wooden packaging for long-term, in recent years, combined with a certain amount of metal cages and crates, also a small amount of glass fiber reinforced plastic crates. The main drawback of wooden packaging is poor water resistance, wet conditions in the coastal easily mildew; followed by low intensity easily damaged, easy to termites, fire-retardant insulation and poor; what’s more poor economic performance, a large number of wooden packaging material, in terms of resources, the economy, all point of views are not suitable for our country. It is reported that in recent years, red pine, white pine and other high-quality timber for military reached 500,000 cubic meters per year, most of the year had reached 700,000 cubic meters. WPC material has the dual characteristics of plastic and wood, in addition to slightly lower tensile and flexural strength, the other properties can meet the performance requirements of the active military packaging materials.

In addition, the military is now promoting containerization ammunition package, requires a large amount of fast transportation, transfer ammunition to meet the needs of modern war. Currently, the ammunition container in the US, the Russian military has a large number of applications. Containerized ammunition can be set containers, trays and other forms of packaging costume collection. Box packaging of ammunition, dozens of boxes can be mounted on a packaging unit of metal or wooden pallets, constitute reusable. In this regard, the WPC clearly has a larger play space. Therefore, the study more superior performance, structure more reasonable military new packaging materials and transport are extremely important. China in this regard have been made some attempts, for example, proposed a new splicing, structural design and structural components from these two points, to ensure the boxes is tight and overall strength.

Wood from an earlier military applications, the addition to the facilities and equipment, military vehicle accessories at WPC (mainly car planking), firearm components (can be used as the butt of material), military special trays, storage isolation plated, warehousing dedicated sleepers etc. there are also some attempts, but unfortunately all because the product is not mature and playing with toys. Not difficult to imagine, with sustainable wood materials technology and product quality improvement, extensive application prospect of military wood will become more and more clear, WPC came back around the corner. But in the process of military wood front row, several issues must be noted:

1. Must the various needs of the armed forces has a deep understanding and grasp, can’t only by imagine, put forward unrealistic things for granted, not only fail to enter the field of military purpose, but will damage the WPC material and WPC industry overall image.

2. Maintain and develop the inherent advantages of wood plastic materials, such as: diversification of materials and the preparation of plasticized advantage, meet the diverse needs of the military and war to the maximum extent, without the use of the military to add new troubles.

3. To play a synthetic material combined benefits, be sure to make an organic combination of wood materials and other materials in the product structure and components connections to breakthrough innovation, greater freedom to expand the space for product manufacturing.

4. Focus on cost control and economic accounting. Although the ratio of natural wood, WPC materials have become more useful, low maintenance costs, long life time and so on product applications, but in the production of specific products, still make the WPC's economic advantage, otherwise it may come to naught.

5. Environmental and Recycling. WPC can not an inch of wood, can save oil and forest resources, reduce carbon dioxide emissions have a good role model; and also its recycling, in line with national resources and environment policies. But in the overall product design, build and run the recovery system should be fully considered.

Through this article on the wood plastic composite application prospect in military field, we can find that wood plastic composite materials are widely used now. I believe that the development of wood plastic composite materials will become better and better in the near future.

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