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The influence of wood powder for plastic wood on plastic wood composite materials

The influence of wood powder for plastic wood on plastic wood composite materials

Plastic wood composite material is a new type of material made of wood fiber and plastic as the main material, by adding coupling agent and lubricant. Plastic wood composite material has the dual characteristics of wood and plastic, and has the advantages of two single materials performance. With the continuous development of modern technology, the use of plastic wood composites has become more and more extensive. Therefore, the application of special wood powder for plastic wood has also become an issue that manufacturers of plastic wood composites and their material suppliers attach importance to.

The so-called wood flour refers to the geometric state of lignin in plant fibers. It is not a narrow concept of wood powder. Plant fibers generally include woody fibers, herb fibers and rattan grass fibers. In the preparation process of plastic wood composite materials, under the same amount of wood flour addition, the particle size and content ratio of wood flour have obvious effects on the material properties and appearance. From the point of view of production practice, with the same physical and mechanical properties, the technical and equipment requirements for using Dajing-grade wood powder particles are relatively simpler than using ultra-fine wood powder particles to produce plastic wood composite materials. But the texture of the material is also much different. Therefore, the production of wood powder for plastic wood must take into account the problems of coarse, fine powder, powder output ratio, and the mixing of different specifications and shapes of wood powder. In the production process of plastic wood materials, the choice and use of the geometric shape of wood powder is realized, so that the granular, fibrous and flake wood powder can coexist appropriately during the plastic wood composite. The shape is particularly important for improving the overall performance of the plastic.

Issues to be concerned about when choosing wood flour for plastic wood composite:
1. The source of materials: Is it the sanding powder in the waste wood, the sawdust shavings, or the crop straw;
2. Wood flour processing method: is it obtained by screening and direct screening, or obtained by crushing and grading by wood flour machine;
3. Types of wood flour: is it a low-polluting wood flour or an environmentally-saving wood flour? The main difference between the two wood flours is the content of harmful substances; the fiber length of the wood flour must be considered, namely wood flour what is the aspect ratio of the particle size;
4. The particle size of wood flour: whether to consider the diameter of wood flour particles or to consider the fiber length of wood flour, that is, what is the aspect ratio of wood flour particle size;
5. Application analysis: choose to use wood powder community or wood powder mixture to improve the application value and utilization advantages of wood plastic materials.

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