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Storage and maintenance of plastic wood composite profiles

Storage and maintenance of plastic wood composite profiles

To understand the storage and maintenance of WPC, we need to understand some characteristics of WPC: since WPC is wrapped with a layer of plastic around natural fibers such as wood fiber, the water absorption rate of WPC is very low. It is very suitable for waterfront landscape.

Compared with general wood, plastic wood composite has a much higher ratio, usually 1.1 to 1.18, while general wood has a specific gravity of 0.4 to 0.7. Even hardwoods with a large specific gravity have a specific gravity of only about 1.0. Therefore, the plastic wood composite is much heavier under the same volume. In order to reduce the weight of plastic wood composite products, methods such as foaming, changing the cross-sectional shape of the profile, and designing the structure can be adopted.

1. Storage method of plastic wood composite
WPC can be bent by heating, and WPC can be bent to a certain extent. Therefore, during long-term storage, it should be placed on a flat ground to prevent deformation.

2. Maintenance of plastic wood composite
In view of the advantages of WPC, WPC will not rot, chip or crack even if it is exposed to the sun and wind. In addition, it has UV resistance, so WPC does not require special maintenance. This makes the future management of plastic wood composite products easy.

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