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Selection of wood plastic composite pavilion color

Due to its unique extrusion process, the wood plastic composite pavilion makes the color truly uniform. Make sure it looks bright and shiny after a long time. You don't need to spend time re-dying or maintaining. Compared with traditional wood plastic composite materials, wood plastic composite pavilions are truly nature-friendly products that do not need to be painted, sealed, rot, and are not easily bitten by termites, and are easy to install.

The unique production process uses a variety of cellulose materials, wood flour and plastic resin. Therefore, the products produced are more consistent in color than composite products made of other materials, have a more natural and beautiful appearance and higher quality.

An advanced color measurement system is used to ensure a small color deviation to minimize the change of color. There is no obvious color difference between the wood pavilion and the pavilion, and the surface is natural and beautiful.

Anti-ultraviolet additives reduce harmful effects and fading from the sun. The combination of UV inhibitor and matte surface minimizes the color difference between the pavilion and the pavilion. Use highly reflective inorganic pigments to reduce solar energy absorption by the pavilion.

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