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How to choose a suitable outdoor wood plastic composite pavilion

1. Size
When buying a wood plastic composite gazebo, you must determine the specifications of the wood plastic composite gazebo according to your own decoration needs. At present, the common gazebos are divided into wide-board wood plastic composite gazebos and narrow-board wood plastic composite gazebos. For now, the wide version is much better. The narrow version is not easy to deform.
2. Moisture content
When buying a wood plastic composite pavilion, you must carefully read the product instructions to see what the moisture content is. The current national standard is between 9% and 12%. Of course, the moisture content of products produced in the South can be higher. Consumers should choose be careful with this one.
3. Processing technology
You can connect several wood plastic composite gazebos facing each other when selecting, and see if the splicing of the gazebos is smooth and whether the size and size of each gazebo are the same?
4. Panel material
Take a closer look at the material under the pavilion. You can first ask the merchant what material the pavilion is, and then consumers take a closer look at the pavilion made of the kind of material the merchant said, and carefully understand the materials of the pavilion, so that they can buy a good pavilion.
5. Surface quality
From the surface of the wood plastic composite pavilion, you can carefully observe whether the board surface is deformed, dented, cracked, sandwiched, or worm-eye. These are some small details, and can be directly observed by the naked eye. Consumers must pay attention to when choosing a wood plastic composite pavilion local.
6. Paint quality
At present, there are two main surface coatings: PU paint, UV paint, and PU paint. The color of the pavilion painted by PU paint is real and the texture is clear. At the same time, the price of this spray paint is a bit higher than that of UV paint.

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