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How to effectively prevent from deformation and cracking

How to effectively prevent from deformation and cracking

In recent years, with the popularity of plastic wood composite materials, plastic wood composite flooring is known and used by more and more people. With its waterproof, flame-retardant, insect-resistant, and corrosion-resistant properties, it has gradually begun to replace most of the traditional building materials. However, in our actual use process, we have seen a lot of problems such as deformation and cracking of plastic wood composite flooring after a period of outdoor use.

Talk about why ordinary wood floors are deformed? Why are many wood floor manufacturers advertised that they are not deformed. Such problems occur after a period of outdoor use. The reasons are roughly as follows:

1.Many plastic wood compositeflooring manufacturers use inferior materials and cut corners when the technology is not mature enough to produce very low-quality flooring. During the use of this kind of flooring, not only problems such as cracking and deformation, but also many other problems will occur. So that consumers lose confidence in WPC flooring.

2.Due to the different plastic composition of plastic wood compositematerials and different manufacturing processes, some plastic wood compositefloors can only be used indoors. Under the condition of indoor constant temperature, this kind of floor decoration is also very beautiful indoors. However, under the trend of interest, many manufacturers over-advertise their own floors, and they are extremely irresponsible to use plastic wood composite floors that can only be used indoors. When the outdoor temperature changes greatly and the flow of adults is carried, it will soon deformation and damage occurred.

3.The plastic wood compositefloor will absorb water and expand when it comes into contact with water in rainy days. In sunny days, the water will disperse and cause the plastic wood compositefloor to relax and the gap will become larger; in the cold season, the floor will shrink and the gap will become larger inside; in the hot season, the floor expands and expands, the floor gap becomes smaller, and the fasteners are stressed outward. As time goes on, the plastic wood composite floor will crack and deform when the force is uneven.

For many users, in the process of laying floors indoors, they hope to save costs and choose quality-assured panels, which can be more stable after installation and can also provide a more comfortable experience for people’s lives. But in the past , The wood board people choose cannot achieve good application effect after installation. This is because traditional wooden floors need to be waterproofed during use. If the surrounding environment is too wet, it will easily deform and crack.

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