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The reason why it will leave a gap during installation

The reason why it will leave a gap during installation

Plastic wood composite flooring has become a very important new composite material among modern people's decorative materials. Whether it is the choice of indoor floor or outdoor decoration, people can see it. Plastic wood composite flooring is a green, environmentally friendly, pollution-free and recyclable material, so it is widely welcomed in the market.

When people see plastic wood composite flooring in normal times, they should be able to see a gap between the plastic wood composite flooring. Many users will think that this is an installation problem or a problem of bad materials. In fact, the above reason is not. This kind of gap is actually left by the installer. Next, Shanghai Seven Trust plastic wood composite made a brief introduction to the reasons for the gap left by the plastic wood composite floor installation.

Generally speaking, there are two main reasons for leaving a gap during installation. The first is the need to drain, because if the outdoor floor often encounters rain or other damp problems, leaving a gap after draining can avoid rain, which will bring people’s lives unnecessary trouble.

The second reason is that plastic wood composite flooring will have slight thermal expansion and contraction. People should know that outdoor flooring will have slight thermal expansion and cold contraction when it is used in extreme heat or cold. The gap left is only Leave space for the wood plastic composite floor to avoid excessive extrusion and deformation of the wood plastic composite floor.

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