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Why wood plastic products are better?

Why wood plastic products are better?

Wood plastic composite flooring is a new energy-saving wood plastic composite polymer material product. The wood phenol produced in the whole process of manufacturing and high-density plywood is added with recycled particles and passed through the pelletizing equipment to make wood plastic composite polymer materials. Carry out extrusion production group to make wood plastic composite floor. The key materials of wood plastic composite outdoor flooring are PE and wood pellets or natural bamboo powder. After adding modifiers and mixing at a high speed, plastic processing is carried out, and then the powder is extruded into aluminum profiles by an extruder. This type of flooring can be used with landscape gardens, single-family villas and other outdoor floors.

The first is that the wood plastic composite floor is environmentally friendly. The product is anti-ultraviolet, no radiation, antibacterial, no indoor formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances. It meets environmental protection standards. After interior decoration, it is non-toxic and odorless. It can be moved in immediately. It is a real low-carbon environmental protection product.

The second is the high reliability of wood plastic composite flooring. The product is resistant to aging, moisture, water, mildew, corrosion, moths, white ants, reasonable flame retardancy, aging resistance, aging resistance, thermal insulation, environmental protection and energy saving, and can be used for long-term climate change. In the natural outdoor environment, there is no mildew, no coking, and long-lasting characteristics.

The reliable safety factor of wood plastic composite flooring. Wood plastic composite flooring and wood plastic composite products have the characteristics of high compressive strength and wear resistance, strong impact resistance and non-cracking.

High comfort. Wood plastic composite products have the advantages of sound insulation, noise reduction, insulation layer, oil stain resistance, and anti-static.

Real and effective. The appearance of wood plastic composite products is of course beautiful, elegant and unique. It has the wooden feeling and natural texture of solid wood panels, and the rustic feeling of returning to nature. It actually mainly expresses the design scheme and the key point texture and color layering of the commodity materials. The products can also be shaped according to different design plans, and the design plans reflect the unique practical effects of the artistic beauty of Chinese architecture and the design colors of materials.

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