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Home furnishing materials have four significant characteristics, which are worthy of wood plastic composite materials

Home furnishing materials have four significant characteristics, which are worthy of wood plastic composite materials

1. The spread of standardized, modular, and intensive processing methods
The development trend of interior decoration materials and home decoration industry is destined to require the participation and integration of various new materials. Interior decoration materials are all developed and evolved from manual, bulk, on-site production and processing to factory standardization, modularization, intensive, on-site integrated installation, and the development of a series of products such as deckings, wardrobes, and cabinets. All proved this. In the process of industrialized, modularized, and intensive product development, traditional material processing methods, especially the processing of plate materials, have inherent constraints.
Wood plastic composite materials can realize complex curved surface extrusion and mass production. In the development of household products, it can realize the design and imagination of installation structure points that cannot be completed by traditional material processing methods, which is useful for realizing the process of household products from manual to factory It can play an important role in the evolution. Coupled with a series of material characteristics of wood plastic material itself, it is bound to be able to play a unique advantage.

2. New concepts need strong support from new materials and new products
New concepts such as home integration and smart home will be deeply developed in the next ten years; integrated decoration, online and offline O2O models will guide the development of trends; big data, industry 4.0, etc. are entirely possible to promote the rapid development of society and the market go ahead. In the traditional sense, the living space of manufacturing factories and distributors for single production and distribution of deckings, wardrobes, and furniture may become narrower and narrower.
In the development of this era, wood plastic composite materials have a broad stage with the characteristics of "environmental protection, waterproof, mildew proof, and easy installation". In such drastic changes of the times, there is an urgent need for new materials such as wood plastic composite materials to show their talents in systematic development.

3. Strong demands for environmental protection decoration
The environmental protection problem of decoration has a long history. With the improvement of the economic level and the importance of consumer awareness, this has become an urgent issue. From the perspective of demand, this strong demand is sufficient to promote business fission. However, the numerous building materials products are mixed and difficult to distinguish, causing many consumers to fall into pain, anger and helplessness. The root cause of this lies in the lack of national determination, inadequate policies, inadequate standards, inadequate supervision, and unclear industry heights and real interests; in addition, some companies have poor self-discipline and take risks with the supremacy of interests. But we believe that this kind of chaos will be effectively contained with the actual needs and the state's attention.
The environmental protection of wood plastic composite materials is unmatched by materials such as MDF, particleboard, blockboard and multilayer boards that are currently widely used in the home furnishing field. The environmental protection of wood plastic composite is the time to shine in this background. But at the same time, workers in the wood plastic composite industry are also required to create truly green and environmentally-friendly products, and there is no room for sloppy and slack. Let the market recognize that "wood plastic composite equals environmental protection" and continue to deepen this understanding. It can be said that "environmental protection is the lifeline for the sustainable development of wood plastic composite materials".

4. The rapid development of secondary decoration
Although real estate has developed to the ceiling stage in most regions of the world, the home decoration industry is not completely synchronized with the real estate industry. We expect that the global decoration industry will usher in a new round of development boom-namely "rapid development of secondary decoration" .
The demand characteristics of secondary decoration are different from primary decoration. Among them, quick, economical and environmentally friendly decoration are all strong demands for secondary decoration. Wood plastic composite materials can fully exert their unique production characteristics and excellent material characteristics effect.
In short, wood plastic composite materials have a broad space for development in the home decoration industry and can play their due role.

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