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The development of wood plastic composite materials in the field of furniture

The development of wood plastic composite materials in the field of furniture

1. Bathroom furniture
The excellent waterproof and insectproof properties of wood plastic composite determine its unique tolerance in humid environments.
2. Kitchen furniture
Due to the excellent water resistance, flame retardancy, oil resistance, mildew resistance and easy cleaning of wood plastic composite materials, it has won a place in high priced integrated kitchens.
3. Carved art furniture
Wood plastic composite furniture products currently mainly include cabinets, tables, chairs, sofas, coffee tables, beds, couches, shelves, screens, etc. This kind of furniture is increasingly favored by home designers and consumers.
4. Outdoor furniture
Wood plastic composite furniture is more durable than solid wood furniture and panel furniture when exposed to sunlight, heat, cold, wind and rain, and reflects its excellent weather resistance, such as water resistance, mildew and corrosion resistance, and aging resistance.

The emergence of wood plastic composite materials breaks the many limitations of traditional solid wood furniture and panel furniture design style due to the difference in the quality of materials. Today, where personalized consumption is advocating, wood plastic composite furniture will become an indispensable and fashionable choice. Wood plastic composite materials give this type of furniture the following excellent characteristics:

1. Excellent physical performance
Because the material contains fibers and is fully mixed with plastic, wood plastic composite materials have a good elastic modulus, and have physical and mechanical properties such as compression resistance and bending resistance equivalent to hardwood. The surface hardness is even twice that of softwood furniture. Durability is also better than ordinary wood furniture.
2. Superior water resistance and corrosion resistance
Wooden furniture is afraid of moisture and insects. Furniture made of wood plastic composite materials is not only resistant to water and corrosion, but also does not breed bacteria, insects, and fungi, and has a long service life. In this respect, it is much superior to wooden furniture.
3. Good coloring performance
Wood plastic composite furniture has UV light stability and good coloring. At the same time, wood plastic composite materials can also be sprayed and colored by traditional methods, so the surface of the furniture made is natural and smooth, which is not inferior to wooden furniture.
4. Strong adjustability
Wood plastic composite furniture can meet special requirements such as anti-aging, anti-static and flame retardant. Because in actual production, additives can be used to change the density, strength and other characteristics of the material, so as to produce furniture that meets the different performance requirements of the market and users.
5. Excellent environmental performance
The biggest advantage of wood plastic composite furniture is that it turns waste into treasure. The formaldehyde produced is much lower than other man-made boards. The wood fiber can be wood flour, grain bran or other plant fibers. It has a wide range of materials and is a truly green product.
6. Strong processing customization performance
Wood plastic composite materials can be prefabricated into common shapes and sizes according to needs, and the specifications are uniform, which overcomes the limitations of natural wood in the process of producing furniture. In addition, wood plastic composite materials have flexible connection methods. The current connection methods mainly include mechanical connection, cementing, and welding.

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