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The Market Size Of Plastic Wood Composite Materials

Plastic wood composite materials solve the problem of low comprehensive utilization rate of waste wood fiber materials, and environmental pollution caused by the treatment of waste wood fiber materials, effectively alleviating the contradiction between the tension and growing social needs of wood.At the same time, plastic wood composite materials have solved major environmental problems such as "white pollution" caused by waste plastic. It is a trend of waste wood fiber and waste plastic regeneration. It has become one of the research hotspots in the fields of wood and plastic processing.

plastic wood composite materials

The market size of Chinese plastic wood composite materials:

In recent years, plastic wood composite materials have attracted market attention as a green and environmentally friendly building. Domestic environmental protection policies have promoted the development of reverse, and the continuous expansion of the application of plastic wood composite materials.The market size of Chinese plastic plastic plastic plastic wood composite materials has also expanded year by year.

At present, although my country has become the world's largest producer of plastic wood composite materials,The annual output of plastic wood occupies two -thirds of the world's total consumption.However, the market size of domestic plastic wood composite materials accounted for a small proportion of the world's total.

plastic wood composite materials

The reason for the analysis of this situation is that on the one hand, the domestic plastic wood composite material industry starts late, and the popularization rate of plastic wood compound materials is not high.Most consumers in China are more willing to choose solid wood materials, or directly choose plastic;On the other hand, most of my country's plastic wood composite materials are mainly exported.At present, many foreign consumers have higher acceptance of plastic wood composite materials than domestic consumers. Enterprises selling products in the domestic market requires more market education costs.The export plastic wood composite materials can also enjoy the tax refund policy, so most companies are more willing to export products abroad.my country's plastic wood composite materials account for about 32%of domestic markets, while foreign market sales account for about 68%.

plastic wood composite materials

As an emerging green environmental protection material, plastic wood composite materials can be replaced in all scenes of wood products.Green non -polluting, saving forest resources, which makes plastic wood composite materials have broad market space and huge development potential.Plastic wood composite materials have also developed rapidly with the development and progress of the material industry. Higher material performance and better experience will in turn to further promote the in -depth development of plastic wood composite materials.


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