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How to distinguish between good and bad wood plastic composite panels

How to distinguish between good and bad wood plastic composite panels

First of all, we must always remember not to buy wood plastic composite profiles advertised as the lowest price in the industry! Don't listen to the so-called after-sales service. No matter how reliable and excellent after-sales service is, it is not as good as a good product without after-sales service.

The low price of a material is precisely because of its simple formula and inferior materials, or cutting corners and unsupervised technology and process quality, so that the product cannot properly perform its anti-mildew, anti-corrosion and anti-aging properties ability. Therefore, the use of too cheap products, the subsequent maintenance costs to be spent may exceed the material itself. In the same way, when you are buying wood plastic composite profiles, you will get the quality of wood plastic composite products at what price. Of course, everyone will choose wood plastic composite products of excellent quality and reliability.

So how should consumers judge the quality of wood plastic composite profiles with the naked eye?
1. Product appearance color
This is the basic method of distinguishing, because it is a wood product, its texture is the same as that of wood, and the texture is very good. The overall color should be consistent with the required color card, and there should be no difference in color of the same batch of products.

2. The weight of the product
Weight is also an identification method to distinguish between good and bad products. The weight and density of different products will be different.

3. Look at the surface and cross section
See if the cross section has a woody feel, if not, it means that the production technology of this product is not in place. The surface and the section are required to be flat, without air bubbles, no unplasticized points, no poor dispersion nodes, no burrs, no obvious deformation, no cracks in the inner hole, no sawtooth marks on the section, no chipping and missing corners .

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