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The Advantages Of The Source Of Materials For Wood Plastic Composites

Understanding the material composition of wood plastic composites is of great significance to the development of this new type of material, because it is the advantages of the material structure that make wood plastic composites an important reason for everyone to pay attention to it.

First of all, the various types of biomass materials that constitute one of the wood plastic components have many advantages in China, such as a wide variety, rich sources, convenient processing, and low price. Moreover, these materials have excellent insulation properties in applications and stable dimensions of finished products. It is non-toxic and harmless, can be processed repeatedly, is easily degraded naturally, and will not cause any pollution to the environment. There is no shortage of such low-value natural materials in the north and south, east and west of my country. According to relevant data, at present, my country produces nearly 800 million tons of crop straw every year, and the collectable part is about 500 million tons, but the current comprehensive utilization rate is less than 10%. In the survey, we found that in addition to the common rice straw, sub-small fuelwood and woodworking waste in different regions, the use of low-value wood materials presents different characteristics, such as cotton stalks in Shandong and Xinjiang and Sichuan. The secondary bamboo in Guangdong, the chestnut shell in Hebei, and the coconut shell in Hainan are all wood plastic wood materials that can be used in large quantities and with high quality. In the local area, these resources are basically useless. If we can take advantage of the situation, we will not only be able to make full use of my country's vast and diverse biomass resources, but will also make a certain contribution to solving the "three rural" issues.

Secondly, the recycling of waste plastics is also a big problem in our country. According to relevant statistics, by the end of 2006, my country's annual output of plastic products has exceeded 40 million tons (including imports of 10 million tons), ranking first in the world in total. In addition to being used in large quantities in industrial and agricultural production, plastics are almost all involved in people's clothing, food, shelter, transportation, and entertainment, so the amount of waste is also very large. Based on a comprehensive estimate of various data, my country now produces about 6-8 million tons of waste plastics each year. Among them, plastic film, fishing nets, beverage bottles, packaging utensils, etc. are discarded in a large amount and difficult to deal with, and “white” pollution is caused by this. At present, the domestic plastic recycling rate is less than 30%, and the current plastic recycled products are mostly low-end daily necessities, which have very limited practical significance. Wood plastic material is a new type of material that can produce high added value. The filling application of waste plastic has almost played the role of "turning decay into magic". If the recycling and management of plastics can be guided correctly, and the technology of plastic recycling can be further improved, Not only can it provide a stable and economical source of materials for the development of the wood plastic industry, but it can also alleviate the negative impact caused by the continued rise in oil prices.

The According to the advantages of the source of materials for wood plastic composites, we know that the advantages of using wood plastic materials are fully demonstrated. Of course, it is not that other countries and regions do not have these conditions. The problem is that China, as a large agricultural country that has not fully entered industrialization, particularly needs high value-added products such as wood plastic materials that can make full use of low-value resources. In this way, our manpower, capital, materials and more resources can easily find the best performance position.

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