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Precautions and advantages of wood plastic composite flooring

Precautions and advantages of wood plastic composite flooring

Wood plastic composite flooring is this new energy-saving wood plastic composite material product. Wood phenol is often produced in the production and manufacturing of high-density boards. Recycled particles are added to make wood plastic composite materials through plastic processing machinery and equipment, and then extrusion the production team makes wood plastic composite flooring. Together with the woodenness of wood and the moisture-proof and anti-corrosion characteristics of plastic, it has become a high-quality and very durable outdoor moisture-proof and anti-corrosion decorative building material.

Because wood plastic composite takes into account the two characteristics of plastic moisture resistance and wood layering, it has become a high-quality and very durable outdoor decorative building material (wood plastic composite floor, wood plastic composite guardrail, wood plastic composite chair and stool, garden landscape or Waterfront garden landscape, etc.); It can also replace wooden prefabricated components used in harbors, ports, etc., and can also be used to replace wood to make a variety of turnover materials, trays, and warehouse blocks the main uses are extremely common.

If the external working temperature changes greatly, the uneven heat of the surface and the inside will easily cause swelling and shrinking deformation, etc., and the long-term effect will make the wood plastic composite the service life of the floor is reduced. In order to save costs, some manufacturers will reduce the application of antioxidants and other related modifiers, or reduce the use of lignin fibers such as wood pellets. It is very easy to cause serious fading and change in materials. Crisis and other engineering project safety accidents.

Advantages of wood plastic composite flooring
  1. As the wood plastic compositefloor takes into account the characteristics of wood and waste plastics, its moisture-proof and waterproof properties are very good. This is a very good treatment for traditional wooden products to rot after absorbing moisture in the treatment of wet, cold and multi-water environments, swelling, deformation and other problems.
  2. There are many shades to choose from, with the layering and wooden texture of pure natural wood, and the necessary shades can be customized according to their own regulations.
  3. Wood plastic compositefloor has strong ductility, and its shape design is very simple, and it can maintain a humanized shape design and embody personalized design styles.
  4. The environmental protection characteristics are good, environmentally friendly, green food, can be used in a circulatory system, and there is no benzene in the wood plastic compositefloor, and the indoor formaldehyde moisture content is 0.3, which is less than the EO level specification, which is the European environmental protection level. And it also saves the wood demand very well.
  5. The fire safety is strong, it can be reasonably flame retardant, the flame retardant grade exceeds the B1 level, it can be self-extinguished when heated, and the sea does not cause all harmful gases.
  6. The installation operation and engineering construction are convenient and fast, without very complicated construction technology, which saves the installation period and cost on a considerable level.
  7. There is no need for extra repair and maintenance, and it is very convenient to clean up, saving the cost of repair and maintenance in the middle and later stages.
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