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Issues that need attention in the construction of plastic wood composite mobile houses

Issues that need attention in the construction of plastic wood composite mobile houses

Because wood plastic composite products retain the very vital texture and beautiful wood grain of natural wood, they are waterproof, flame-retardant, ultraviolet light stability, good coloring, heat insulation, insulation, temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, mothproof, and mildew proof. Its material products are easy to process, easy to make, and not easy to deform; the mechanical properties are better than wood materials, and the cost performance is far beyond plastics, aluminum alloys and other profiles. The products are widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration and industrial matching; and can be 100% utilization is a real green environmental protection product. Now WPC has gradually emerged in various industries, occupying a huge market share with a new attitude to provide consumers with more and better services! Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly new building materials will become popular, becoming a new consumption hotspot and a new economic growth point. New energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building boards generally have excellent characteristics such as light weight, high strength, heat preservation, energy saving, and pollution-free. Different from traditional chemical or metal materials, new environmentally friendly building materials include natural materials and renewable materials.

Plastic wood composite also generally has the following characteristics: First, it meets the functional requirements of buildings for building materials and takes into account the aesthetic requirements of buildings. Second, it has a natural affinity for the natural environment, conforms to the principles of sustainable development, and is not polluting and destructive. It saves resources in the process of use, and does not produce harmful substances that are destructive to the environment in the production process, reduces the burden on human living environment, and realizes the recycling of non-renewable resources. The third is to build a convenient, healthy and comfortable environment for mankind.

Plastic wood composite materials can also be recycled, which is conducive to reducing resource waste and developing a circular economy. In line with the national industrial policy. Ecological wood plastic composite materials can imitate the appearance and texture of various wooden decorative materials, and the manufacturing cost is one-third lower than solid wood decorative materials. Therefore, it can be liked by high consumers in terms of quality and accepted by mass consumers in terms of price.

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