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Strengthen the development and application of high value-added plastic wood composite materials

Strengthen the development and application of high value-added plastic wood composite materials

With the continuous expansion of the output and application range of plastic wood composites, problems such as poor toughness and creep have gradually been exposed. At present, there are many researches on the reinforcement and toughness of plastic wood composite materials. The methods mainly include adding reinforcements (rigid particles, reinforcing fibers), improving the toughness of the plastic matrix (plastic modification treatment), and using compatibilizers to improve biomass fibers and polymerization. Interface compatibility between objects, etc. Reinforcing fibers have been widely used in polymer composite materials, and they also have relatively effective reinforcement and toughening effects on plastic wood.

Adding fibers to plastic wood composite materials to prepare multi-element composite materials composed of thermoplastics, wood flour and fibers can greatly improve the strength of plastic wood composite materials. With the rapid development of material science, more and more types of fibers are used to reinforce composite materials, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, basalt fiber, mineral wool, polyester fiber, etc.; natural cellulose fiber has advantages in environmental protection and pollution-free In the past ten years, it has also been increasingly used to reinforce polymer materials. These fibers can be used to improve the mechanical properties of plastic wood composites.

Plastic wood composite materials have developed rapidly for more than 20 years with their unique environmental protection advantages. After experiencing the bottleneck period at this stage, the next step is bound to develop in the direction of high efficiency, high performance and high quality. It is an effective method to increase the strength of plastic wood composites by adding reinforcing fibers, especially to improve the impact resistance of plastic wood composites, which is of great significance for expanding the application of plastic wood composites.

Fiber is easy to "bridging" during feeding, and it is not easy to disperse evenly in the matrix, easy to agglomerate, and too violent dispersion shear will cause most of the fibers to break, especially for softer flexible fibers, these problems are even more serious. For obvious.To solve these technical problems, it is necessary to improve the existing equipment. For example, in the mixing equipment, special screws can be considered for the melt of plastic wood composite materials with high viscosity characteristics, which can achieve the effect of fiber dispersion without affecting the fibers produces excessive shear.

Continuous fibers have been widely used in reinforced polymer composites, and there are many molding methods that can be used, such as pultrusion, injection molding, winding, dipping and hot pressing, etc. The reinforcement effect is obviously better than chopped cut fiber. Plastic wood composites have little research on continuous fiber reinforcement at present, and mature reinforcement technology has not been formed. The difficulty still lies in the low fluidity of plastic wood composites and the limitations of molding processing.

Most of the plastic wood composite materials currently presented to the public are decorative materials with low added value and low performance, such as outdoor decking, pavilions, fences, exterior wall hanging panels, indoor hanging sheds and interior wall decorative panels, etc. Higher value-added car seats, interiors, doors and windows, furniture and other plastic wood composite materials that require higher strength or impact resistance. The development of these market areas will increase the demand for high-performance plastic wood composite materials, and then drive the industrial development of fiber-reinforced plastic wood composite materials.

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