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What are the excellent properties of wood plastic composite decking

Wood plastic composite decking has many excellent properties. For example, the workability is outstanding, which contains a lot of fiber and plastic components, which are similar to the nature of wood, so it has good processing performance. It can be made into different floor styles like wood, and large wood plastic composite floors can be sawn into small pieces. It can even be sawn into different shapes, as long as you give full play to your imagination, you can process them into various beautiful shapes.

Although wood plastic composite decking has good processing resistance, it does not mean that its strength is insufficient. On the contrary, the strength of this kind of floor is about 5 times stronger than that of ordinary wood floor. Even if you nail it hard, it will not be deformed or broken. In addition to good processing performance, this kind of floor has good resistance, such as corrosion resistance and moisture resistance, and the service life is unmatched by wood floors.

Its strength is often praised by people. This kind of floor takes the properties of plastic and wood fiber to the extreme, that is, it has the plasticity of plastic and the compressive ability of hardwood. It will not naturally bend and deform during use, and its surface hardness is higher than that of ordinary wood. About 3 times, so after the floor is laid at home, no matter how you jump, the floor will not crack or dent. The acid and alkali resistance of this material is also outstanding, so there is no need to worry about the floor being corroded by splashing the soup on the floor.

Finally, this kind of floor has good adjustable performance. After being foamed or polymerized during production, the static electricity on the floor can be suspiciously removed, which can improve the anti-aging ability of the floor, which is very suitable for some electronic equipment manufacturers. After special treatment, it also has anti-combustion effect and is suitable for warehouses storing flammable materials.

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