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Do you really understand wood plastic materials?

Do you really understand wood plastic materials

Do you really understand wood plastic materials?Next, let us study the development status and characteristics of wood-plastic materials together.

1.The present development status of Wood-plastic composite materials

Under the dual policy of promoting national recycling economy to encourage demand and the potential benefits of a national enterprise "WPC hot" gradually.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2006, directly or indirectly engaged in domestic wood development, production and supporting more than 150 enterprises and institutions. Wood companies concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region, far more than the eastern Midwest. Eastern technological level of individual enterprises more leading enterprises in the South is an absolute advantage in the number of products and market.

Tens of thousands of existing employees, annual sales of wood products nearly 100,000 tons, the annual output of about 1.2 billion yuan. Test samples representative of the industry's major technology companies have reached or exceeded the international advanced level.

Since the wood materials comply with China "to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society", "sustainable development" of industrial policy, appeared to have been developing rapidly. Especially in the growing problem of greenhouse gas emissions today, "low carbon economy" to implement more so value wood materials have been reflected. China's dwindling natural wood resources, market demand for wood products has increased drastically. The huge market demand and technological breakthroughs will inevitably continue to broaden the market for wood materials. Demand from the market point of view, wood is most likely to begin to expand the scale of building materials, outdoor facilities, logistics, transport facilities, household goods and other fields.

2.The source of materials for composite wood

More than 92% main materials for composite wood can use the waste plastic and agricultural residues (rice husk, wheat straw, Sawing wood powder, bamboo powder etc plant cellulose ), solved the environmental pollution by waste plastic and atmospheric pollution by Agricultural straw burning.

Plant cellulose extensive sources, the output of agricultural cellulose more than 10 million tons including rice husk, kinds of straw etc, wood powder can be more than 1 million tons, also other cellulose around 5 to 10 million tons. The value of these resource more than hundreds million, one of valuable resource in China.

According To Statistics, the waste plastic occupy 3~5% of total rubbish in big cities of China, the waste plastic used by city person around 1 million tons. And the quantity is growing, From the growing of composite wood in China, the waste polyolefin materials can be used for composite wood also quite rich.

3.WPC material processing machines

WPC is currently used in the manufacture of the matrix resin, mainly for PE, PVC, PP, PS and other material costs due to the new high, the general waste, recycled plastic instead. China recycled plastics lack of strict sorting, testing methods, could easily lead to the selected plastic waste mixed with small amounts of other varieties of plastic waste, it can not be subdivided. Therefore, many domestic manufacturers are using imported wood waste plastic recycling of HDPE etc. for wood production. In addition, the relationship between performance and the lack of a systematic study.

4.Features  of  WPC composite material

Dual characteristics of WPC materials and products both wood and plastic, wood texture, and can be manufactured in different colors according to needs, with timber does not have many features: high mechanical properties, light, moisture, acid and alkali and easy cleaning etc., but also to overcome the woody material with high water absorption, easy to crack deformation, the shortcomings mildew susceptible insects.

It also has the advantages of plant fibers and plastics, and a wide range, covering almost all wood, plastic, steel, aluminum and other similar fields of use of composite materials, but also solve the problem of recycling plastics, wood industry waste resources.

Its main features are: material resources, product plasticized, using environmentally friendly, cost-oriented economy, recycling technology.

5.The advantages of WPC materials applied in landscaping

WPC materials wood floors and wood has the same processing characteristics, using ordinary tools to sawing, drilling, on the nails, very convenient, you can use the same as an ordinary wood floor. Because wood texture two characteristics of both plastic and wood preservative water, making it an excellent and very durable outdoor building materials. Both the performance and characteristics of wood and plastic, by extrusion, compression molding of sheet metal or other products, new composite materials can replace wood and plastic.

6.The following are several advantages to wood materials in applications

1)the lowest loss WPC profiles.

WPC is a profile, you can based on customer needs, the length of material production to meet customer needs. Length of all timber is specified dead.

2) The same case, WPC used the few to defeat the many of wood.

I have to make an example, general pavement outdoor floor, under the choice of wood, the wood needs about 45MM thickness. The wood, the material need only 25MM thickness, the strength of more than 45MM wood preservative. In other words, is the use of one cubic meter of wood if it is, then the wood will need only about 0.5 cubic meters.

3) wpc is a profile, a lot of hollow specifications. Saving a lot of material.

We all know that aluminum windows and doors so quickly to popularize, is because it is hollow profiles, if it is solid, so the price is incredibly high. WPC hollow portion of savings, although not as high as aluminum, but also more objective. We all know that hollow not only can reduce weight, increase strength. Hollow wood can be done, and timber impossible.

4) wpc do not need to paint

Usually wood needs to be done face paint or water-based paints.

5)wpc products can do maintenance.

Timber in which it normally takes a year to do maintenance or brushing paint. From a long-term point of view, wood maintenance costs far end in wood products.

6)the service life of wood, generally up to 3-4 times the normal wood.

Overseas data show said wood can use 10--50 years.




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