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Wood plastic installation and advantages

Wood plastic installation and advantages

Plastic wood is mainly used to replace wood, plastic wood and pine, poplar, eucalyptus and other natural wood difference is that it is a kind of plastic and wood fiber synthesis of "wood"; As the increase of environmental protection strength, world forest area is less and less, for plastic wood floor provided broad development space. So do you understand the matter of plastic wood installation?

Installation Features:
The series of products according to personal preferences, choose horizontal, vertical loading, ramp loading and other installation methods, the general proposed vertical loading, because the light from the window into the interior light is horizontal, vertical and horizontal surface will be more obvious, more highlights Dimensional effect, and vertical loading can reduce dust accumulation, easy to clean. The series of products are used socket design, and the same series of different varieties of products are used universal socket jack design, that is, different styles of products can be used with each other to install, to the designer's personalized design to provide greater imagination . Because it is a socket-type design, therefore, only the installation location of the socket injections, and then plug-in, you can cover the nail and remove the dust from the steps. Other processing methods and solid wood, can be nailed, can be nailed, can be planed, without the paint, that is equipped with the general carpenters can be installed at the same time, light and fast, a familiar worker can install hundreds of square feet a day area.

Plastic wood material in the installation process should do several points of attention:
1, it is recommended to use alloy saw blade, and drill bit
Tips: loose tooth saw blade, such as 45 cm in diameter, 18 to 24 tooth) cutting more easy.
2, wood and plastic profile very convenient, and the wood is different, you don't have to consider when using Fred sen wood plastic profile wood grain direction or nodes.
3, when large or deep holes, timing to exit the bit to out of the debris, don't always want to drill into all at once.
Plastic wood material in use process, depending on the actual situation to adjust, lest cause unnecessary trouble.
With plastic wood materials and wood processing features, use common tools can be sawing, drilling, nailing, is very convenient and can be used as wood.

key should pay attention to two points:
(1) strictly in accordance with the span requirements prescribed by the manufacturer, because plastic wood material than wood has a bigger creep, big span will cause potential safety hazard;
(2) considering the drainage, cleaning and mild heat bilges cold shrink, the plastic wood material used for the purposes such as floor, wall panel, edge to edge, head must leave appropriate gap between rival.

Why want to leave a gap in the installation of plastic wood?

Why want to leave a gap in the installation of plastic wood?Many owners of this is not particularly understand, in view of this situation, and discuss with you the reason, if you have other ideas, may wish to communicate with us.
Plastic wood profile of the relevant personnel to tell you that at the time of installation of plastic wood is need to leave a gap, the purpose is mainly to the following factors:
1, drainage;
2, slight heat expansion and contraction;
3, cleaning;
Although plastic wood will not happen because the environment of wet and dry and expansion and contraction, but according to the change of temperature and a certain degree of expansion and contraction, so on edge to edge and head to head interspace is necessary, especially when they are installed in the winter.

Wall panel products with its beautiful three-dimensional geometric decorative convex effect and wood to bring the kind of warmth of human nature and harmonious affinity to conquer each of the initial contact with WPC buyers, the market with little competition with similar products. The series is in the international leading level in terms of decorative effect, wood texture, installation and processing of simple degree, or waterproof, mildew, fire retardant, anti-aging, environmental protection and other properties are in the leading international level, and other competitors products through surface printing , Wood grain paper and other surface treatment using wood flour and adhesives (such as glue) is made, resulting in their products there is more rigid appearance, the lack of wood, easy to fade, not for the wet environment and the product itself Containing ingredients harmful to the human body and other shortcomings. These shortcomings are wood and plastic do not have, therefore, the series of wood-plastic products in the market competitive advantage is quite obvious.

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