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Tell you The advantages of wpc Decorative wall panels from China

Tell you The advantages of wpc Decorative wall panels from China

As a new type of composite material, wood plastic advantages in the industry is well-known, widely used, especially for building products, the following talk about the advantages and applications of wood plastic products in building.

Among them, the wood-plastic decorative wallboard with its excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, heat insulation, energy saving, can be used for climate change big place, no deformation, perfect outdoor application. The lower moisture content and the lower structure improve its thermal insulation performance. A variety of styles and colors can fully meet the requirements of modern architecture and personalized design. It is a new type of environmental protection building materials for industrial decoration. 

Wood plastic material is a new type of environmental protection, environmental protection, energy saving composite material, instead of wood. The wood-plastic wall board is designed with wood texture, which is simple, natural and beautiful. Wood plastic wall panels make the building look fresh and natural. It has a variety of assembly styles to help people express their creativity.

Wood plastic wall structure is very stable, sound insulation. WPC also has the function of uv protection, and the thermal conductivity of WPC is very low. When used as a wall in the building, the wood-plastic board also has the effect of energy saving and heat preservation.

WPC green wallboard gradually become the mainstream, at present, whether the wallboard environmental protection, has become the focus of current consumers. Due to pollution in all aspects, more and more people are now very concerned about health, so environmental protection has gradually become an important indicator of quality of life. Many families who buy wallboard have children or elderly people, so environmental concerns are second only to price for health reasons .

According to the survey, nearly 50% of consumers, the wall's environmental performance as the first factor to consider when buying. Many consumers say that as long as the wall meets environmental requirements, the price is second. Because of this, wood plastic wallboard just becomes the focus that consumer concerns. Although "green", "ecological" has been popularized, but the wood-plastic wallboard with cheap advantages, still by many consumers.

Shanghai Seven Trust Company is one of the suppliers of wPU wallboard. The wall must be high outside. WPC is an ideal wallboard material, rather than metal, glass, stone, PVC.

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