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Wood plastic composite floor stain treatment method

Wood plastic composite flooring will have a lot of stains after using it for a period of time. How to deal with this situation? What are the extensive methods to deal with? Below, I will give you a detailed introduction to the solution of wood plastic composite floor stains.

The wood plastic composite floor stains solve the hazards of the components and colors of the stains, and it is also related to the temperature at that time. The solution to wood plastic composite floor stains should ensure immediate creation and actual analysis of the detailed situation.

When the contaminants are stuck, you should use a spatula to scrape off the contaminants. Don’t just use sharp objects as it is inconvenient. The sharp objects will scratch the wood plastic composite floor casually; those with liquid stains In the case of the situation, first use a towel to absorb the stains, and then proceed to the next step to prevent the stains from spreading outside.

Boiled water should not be used when cleaning stains. The proper cleaning sequence is from outside to inside. Soaking with water-soaked sponge is the general solution. It should be noted that leather shoes and high-heel shoes are strictly prohibited on wood plastic composite floors. Easy-to-fading shoes, etc.; laser cutting and extrusion molding are strictly forbidden, in the name of not rubbing against erected objects, so as to avoid damage and scratches; it is strictly forbidden to use acid, alkali and other rotten chemical materials on the wooden floor, and ensure that the wooden floor is used Do not open flames and high temperatures for a long time to avoid deformation of the wood plastic composite floor when heated.

The above is the solution to wood plastic composite floor stains. If you want to know a lot of news about wood plastic composite floor, please pay attention to Shanghai seven trust Enterprise!

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