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The production method of wood plastic composite floor

With the emergence of wood plastic composite flooring, to a certain extent, there are gradually more different ways of producing wood plastic composite flooring. As for some common methods in the wood plastic composite flooring market, there are the following major categories: dipping method, dipping method, molding method, single screw, extrusion method and other production methods. A brief introduction to the injection molding and molding methods in the wood plastic composite floor production method:

The profiles used to make wood plastic composite flooring actually do not need us to use some samples that require continuous sheet-shaped structures or complex structural designs on some components. In fact, our wood plastic composite flooring only needs to pass A simple injection molding or molding can be quickly formed. Although it is actually very simple to produce wood plastic composite flooring by injection or extrusion methods, there are still many processors who are facing the issue of how to fully fill the mold during the processing of wood plastic composite materials. The operation is still full of very big doubts. In order to better solve this problem effectively, the most important solution is actually to reduce the amount of wood filler so that the fluidity of the melt can be obtained increase. Since wood plastic composite flooring is made of composite materials, the upper limit of the processing temperature for new composite materials is 200 degrees. Therefore, some resins such as PET that have a melting point of more than 200°C cannot be used as the application of wood plastic composite materials. The main reason is that excessive moisture will deteriorate, which will greatly reduce the performance of the composite material, and it will also help to breed microorganisms under such unfavorable conditions. Therefore, in this case, we are required before using wood filler, we must do a good job of removing moisture.

In fact, in other words, one of the tasks we need to do before processing the wood plastic composite floor is to perform a very important drying treatment on the wood material before processing and forming. The moisture content of the wood material through the drying treatment is generally less than 1 to 2%. The current wood plastic composite material processing machinery is actually equipped with a series of feeding equipment, drying equipment, extrusion equipment and molding equipment under normal circumstances. In fact, it will also be equipped with some very necessary downstream equipment. For example, such equipment as cooling water tank, traction and cutting, etc.

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