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Home outdoor floor paving, choose wood floor or wood plastic composite floor

Only wood plastic composite floors with diverse colors and surfaces can better maintain harmony with the home decoration style. Harmony is an important proposition in artistic aesthetics. Maybe we don't need to pursue art, but it does not prevent us from forming our own aesthetic view. Visual integrity sounds like an academic term, but it can be felt everywhere in life. The mahogany table matches the yellow-brown chair, and the cedar furniture matches the brown deck. If you feel discomfort, it means that your visual integrity is affecting your thinking and senses.
Outdoor flooring has a big impact on the family. Wood floors are highly permeable and water stains can easily penetrate into the interior, so careful maintenance is required. wood plastic composite floor has obvious dust-proof effect, dust is not easy to adhere; water stains can only accumulate on the surface, and can be easily treated with absorbent cloth.
Every time it rains or winds, the image of the floor will be degraded. After a long time, the wooden floor may crack, mold, rot and become ugly. In order to prevent corrosion, wood floor owners have to spray paint and seal regularly, but paint is largely synonymous with unsafe. The most unfortunate thing is that even if you maintain regular maintenance, wooden floors are only wooden floors after all, and they will be completely unusable after three to five years. The wood plastic composite composite deck has a strong adaptability to the outdoor environment, and has obvious effects of waterproofing, anti-ultraviolet, and anti-cracking. At the same time, wood plastic composite floor has strong moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, stable internal structure and strong corrosion resistance. The WPC deck does not need to be sealed, dyed, spray painted, and does not contain any toxic gases or harmful substances to protect the health of the family. The most important thing is that the service life of wood plastic composite deck is more than five times that of anti-corrosion wood.

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