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Characteristics, advantages and techniques of wood plastic pavilions

Characteristics, advantages and techniques of wood plastic pavilions

With the shortages of forest resources and the national emphasis on environmental protection, plastic wood products have gradually been promoted, plastic wood flooring, plastic wood guardrails, plastic pavilions, in fact, plastic wood products are mainly composites with wood cellulose and plastics, It is a new type of green environmental protection landscape material. Overall, it is currently a building material that is best for outdoor landscapes. We now see a lot of pavilions is actually a molding wood, then what characteristics do plastic wood pavilions?

1, green environment: Plastic wooden pavilion is a typical green environmental protection material using advanced technology, using waste plastics and abandoned wood, straw. It is a typical green environmental protection material.

2, safety is harmless: Since the plastic wood pavilion is made of plastic and wood fiber, there is no harmful substance to be safe and harmless to the human body without pollution.

3, waterproof moisture-proof performance: The water absorption rate of the plastic wood pavilion is only 0.2%, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance are excellent, and can also be insect, not easy to corrode, not easily deformed, chemically stable, high hardness.

4, long service life: Plastic wooden pavilion has good fireproof performance, it also has good fire resistance, reflecting fire, does not produce harmful substances, even if it is not easy to damage the wind and rain in the outdoors, the service life is relatively long. And do not require regular maintenance and repair.

5, diversified, easy to install: Many of the color of the plastic wood products, can choose different colors and patterns based on the different needs and preferences of consumers, high hardness. And convenient installation, simple, convenient. It is the preferred material for outdoor decoration gardens, landscapes, gardens.

Outdoor kiosk with wpc material?

Hot summer, hot summer goes down, the relentless sun parched the earth, the whole yard becomes a stove, so a with vine pavilion is both beautiful and cool, good is not a very suitable for cool place, and do the pavilion of material on the market so much, why do people preferred to plastic wood material?Today let's take a look at why to do outdoor pavilion will choose plastic wood material, outdoor kiosk with plastic wood material?

1, plastic wood material properties: good strength, high hardness, prevent slippery, wear-resisting, no crack, no bug eat by moth, small water imbibition, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, antistatic and ultraviolet radiation, insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, resistance to 40 ℃ 70 ℃ high temperature and low temperature.

2, plastic wood materials environmental performance: ecological wood, environmental protection, renewable, does not contain toxic substances, hazardous chemicals, preservatives, etc., formaldehyde-free, benzene and other harmful material release, not cause air pollution and environmental pollution, can be used 100% recycling and reprocessing, and biodegradable.

3, plastic wood material appearance texture: natural appearance, texture with wood.Better than wood dimensional stability, no wood knot, won't produce crack, buckling, deformation, the product can be made into a variety of colors, surface without secondary drench lacquer also confirmed new not fade for a long time.

4, plastic wood materials processing performance: with wood secondary machining, such as can be saw, plane, bonding, with nails or screws, all kinds of standard profile specification, installation fast and convenient.Through the conventional practices, can be processed into various facilities and products.

To sum up, the outdoor pavilion with plastic wood material?My answer is, of course, no problem, plastic wood material is not only environmental health, long service life, and without brush paint and maintenance after the installation is complete, the price is much higher than in the long run anticorrosive wood with ordinary wooden material.

Tips of the anti-corrosive wood pavilion

Plastic wood material is a kind of new environmental protection materials, although the time is not long, but because it has a lot of advantages, so is very popular among people. Technology continuous development, combined with our country plastic wood processing performance is good, but also has the durable, wear-resisting performance, many manufacturers are now using the technology to plastic wood materials is a new environmental protection building materials, and plastic wood materials can be recycled and can be degraded, so that it can reduce the environment pollution, to protect the forest environment still has a lot of advantages, so in general plastic wood material is well worth to buy, price is very high, its future development is also very good.

Anti-corrosion wooden pavilion through certain processing has certain corrosion protection function, can be anti-corrosion, termite resistant, anti fungus, and so on.

Anti-corrosive wood defect is unable to put an end to damp phenomenon pavilion and fire, the using period is short, is more energy-saving.

Everyone can choose wood plastic pavilion, wood plastic pavilion waterproof, moisture-proof performance is good, corrosion resistance, resistance to deformation, color more, easy to clean, high plasticity, good environmental performance, no pollution, pollution-free.

What is the advantage of plastic wood pavilions?

First, plastic wood pavilion manufacturing specification

Plastic wooden gazebo needs to meet practical and beautiful requirements in three aspects of color, structure and applications.

1, color

In order to make the plastic pavilion, the most basic can be said to be color. First of all, the color is not too single, monotonous, can not be unified, although the plastic wooden gazebo is a composite of plastic and wood fibers, but it combines plastic and The advantages of wood fibers, so there are a variety of colors to choose from, at least 200 colors, so the user can choose the most suitable color, which makes it a perfect fusion.

2, structure

In order to make the wood pavilion, except for the color, it must be carefully observed. All aesthetically generous plastic pavilions should be beautifully beautiful, and the details are also exquisite.

3, application

The reason why it is necessary to mention the application of plastic pavilion, mainly because the plastic pavilion has never existed alone, but integrates into the entire community and park environment, which is very practical, which is also the value of the plastic wooden gazebo.

Second, how to choose a plastic wooden pavilion

1.The key points in the choice of plastic wood pavilions is to see the appearance of the pavilion.

The appearance here refers to the details of the workmanship of the pavilion, the high quality pavilion is excellent, and there is a gap in the connection inlay. Whether it is a pillar or a guardrail, the table and chair can touch the place, and there is no hitting place. Not only is beautiful, easy to manage and use, but also guarantee safety, don't worry that children will be injured when they play in the plastic wooden gazebo.

2.the focus of choosing plastic wood materials is the choice of material

Many customers think that plastic wood materials are the same. In fact, different companies' product formulations are different, the quality of the products is different, and the new materials of green and wide-landscape plastic wood have high strength, high hardness, long life, good workability. Characteristic, quality assurance, etc.

3. when choosing plastic wood wood pavilion, the main point is the style and size

The pavilion is roughly divided into four-angle, hexagonal, eight-angle, double layer, three floors, special shapes, etc. It is recommended that consumers pay attention to the style, measure size, choose the right style, both practical and beautiful, not only cool, but also green space The landscape.

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