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The house burns because of soft decoration

The house burns because of soft decoration

Speaking of plastic wood composite flooring, perhaps many people have certain misunderstandings. For example, when it comes to wood, as long as it is something related to the wooden structure, people think it burns easily? Especially many villas are built of plastic wood composite, and many people think it is flammable and corrosive. But in fact, the current plastic wood composite material is very different from the general wood material we understand. Let's take a look at what misunderstandings do you have about plastic wood composite?

Many villas now use plastic wood composite flooring, but some customers are worried about flammability. Will this kind of villas burn easily in high temperature weather? Actually not. Why does wood burn easily? This is because a single piece of wood is very thin and naturally easy to burn, but if there are more large pieces of wood stacked, it is actually not easy to burn. And this kind of plastic wood composite is actually a lot of wood aggregates, and it is also covered with a special fireproof layer. This kind of fireproof layer is made of special materials. In high temperature weather, this kind of material can isolate the connection between the villa and the fire.

In addition, we have to add that some houses are easy to burn, but it is not caused by plastic wood composite flooring. It is because there are a lot of easily burnable substances in home decoration, especially those that are easy to burn in soft furnishings. We must pay attention to the choice of these soft decoration materials when we are decorating. Some materials are easy to burn, and a large amount of poisonous gas is easily generated during the burning process, which can easily cause suffocation. Our plastic wood composite materials are produced only after they have passed relevant high-tech inspections and their fire resistance is fully up to the standard.

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