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Wood plastic composite floor maintenance

Wood plastic composite floor maintenance

Usual maintenance of wood plastic composite floor

Regardless of all products, only in fair use and maintenance can their greater effect be used. Therefore, we are also using wood plastic composite flooring for other necessary maintenance. Replace soft soles as much as possible when entering the premises. Do not enter the premises with high-heeled shoes, hard-soled shoes, etc., to prevent damage to the anti-static function of the decoration surface and beautiful appearance; prevent immediate direct sunlight to prevent the decoration panel layer from fading too early Brittle.

  1. When transporting objects on the theme raised floor, it is strictly forbidden to immediately promote the blocks on the surface, so that the blocks and the road immediately rub against the surface, causing the surface to scratch.
  2. When transporting objects, use trolleys containing rubber wheels to carry out transport or pave protective mats between the porch and the floor of the objects to prevent damage to the network floor.
  3. When placing heavy objects on the surface of the wood plastic compositefloor, they should be placed stably to prevent hitting the floor; there is no need to use overloaded objects, which can easily damage the floor. When carrying out maintenance and utilization of the machinery and equipment in the indoor space under the floor, use the floor suction plate to carry out the floor equipment. When removing the floor, handle it with care to prevent damage to the floor.
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