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The duality of the development of plastic wood composite flooring

The duality of the development of plastic wood composite flooring

When the development of the flooring industry has to coexist with people, realize basic functions, and meet consumers' aesthetic needs, on the other hand, it has to develop coexistence with the earth to realize the practical functions of health, greenness and environmental protection.

For consumers, plastic wood composite flooring is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, which not only can well control the emission of harmful substances, but also can achieve the functions of waterproof and moisture-proof on the ground. Some experts pointed out: plastic wood composite flooring is a new type of detection material, which is in line with people's pursuit of recycling economy and low-carbon environmental protection. It can be used in gardens, interior and exterior wall decoration, floors, barriers, flower ponds, pavilions and other places. Flooring is bound to become the trend of the future, and it will become a common building material for home decoration.

Due to the lack of wood resources and the destruction of green barriers due to excessive felling of trees, sandstorms are becoming more and more intense, so the world is paying special attention to the recycling of resources and the protection of the ecological environment, which has created a very good development for the development of plastic wood composite flooring products. The environment. Plastic wood composite floors make up for the defects of other wood floors that are easy to crack and deform, and are easy to install, fast, and durable.

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