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Plastic wood composite material is a new type of material with system functions

Plastic wood composite material is a new type of material with system functions

Plastic wood composite materials are new materials developed by mankind actively considering the impact of materials on the ecological environment. It is a new concept put forward under the premise of fully considering the relationship between mankind, society and nature. Plastic wood composite materials use the environmental coordination of wood itself, compound with plastics, and give play to their own characteristics, turn waste into treasure, and reduce environmental pollution. It endows traditional materials with excellent environmental coordination and applicability. It is a new type of system with system functions. The material consumes less resources and energy in the process of production. It can be recycled and reused after being discarded. The whole process from production and use to recycling has the least impact on the surrounding ecological environment. Therefore, plastic wood composite materials can be called "green materials" or "ecological materials".

Plastic wood composite materials are different from traditional materials:

1. It can open up a wider range of activities and environment for human beings and give play to its excellent performance. When developing new materials and new technology systems, it is necessary to take into account the size of the technical environmental burden, the degree of environmental pollution of the material itself, and the traditional performance of the material when it is used. When it requires excellent performance, WPC composite materials are the same as traditional materials. Its application range has gradually expanded from the original main building construction templates, pallets, packaging boxes, pipes, outdoor landscapes, paving, railings, etc. to indoor furniture, decoration, doors and windows, floors, automotive interiors, electrical enclosures, sports equipment, packaging, etc. Many areas.

2. Coordinate the scope of human activities with the external environment, reduce the burden on the earth's environment, and fully recycle exhaustive resources. In the production process of plastic wood composite materials, the consumption of resources and energy is small, and the technology to reduce greenhouse gas is adopted in the process flow, which is easy to recycle after being discarded. Plastic wood composite materials and technology have environmental compatibility, which is different from traditional materials. The material of plastic wood material is plastic wood powder, and its processing technology can also ensure environmental protection: through extrusion, molding, injection technology, a solid wood plastic material is formed. Plastic wood composite material contains plastic, so it has a good elastic modulus. In addition, because it contains fiber and is fully mixed with plastic, it has physical and mechanical properties such as compression resistance and bending resistance equivalent to hardwood, and its durability is significantly better than ordinary wood materials.

3. Plastic wood composite materials make the human living environment in the scope of activities more prosperous and comfortable. People are very happy to accept and use this new material. Avoid the disadvantages of traditional materials such as color, single variety, complicated processing methods, and limited application range. For example: outdoor floors, wall panels, water environment walls, especially suitable for exterior walls of low-rise buildings such as villas, townhouses, clubs, indoor floors, wall panels, ceilings, balconies, terraces, bathrooms, courtyards, dimensional art parquet, roads grille, flower box, municipal garden products, indoor application products, overhead plank road, ground plank road, hydrophilic platform, landscape platform, leisure platform, park square, floor in building courtyard, railing, pavilion, wooden chair, external wall hanging board.

The design idea of wood plastic composite materials is: on the basis of the excellent performance pursued by the traditional materials research institute, fully consider the limited resources and reduce the environmental burden as much as possible, and take effective measures to make the wood plastic composite materials have renewable the characteristics of recycling, starting from the design stage of plastic wood composite materials, fully integrate the use performance of the material with the protection of the earth's ecological environment and the comfort of the living environment. This is an innovation in traditional material technology and engineering.

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