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Teach You To Distinguish Imported Wood Plastic Flooring

The reporter interviewed a number of consumers, and some of the consumers were suspicious of imports. "Whether his floor is imported," said a lady who was buying the floor. "I don't know now." "And a Mr. Sun said:" in order to avoid spending money to no avail, I will choose the Chinese goods. But how to choose, I don’t know. According to the reporter’s investigation, there is no feasible method for consumers to distinguish the "authentic" imported floor .Today I will teach you to distinguish imported wood plastic flooring.

It is difficult to judge whether it is "authentic".

While going to a large market, the reporter found that the imported decking floor was put up a pageantry before, but now the propaganda is cautious a lot. As consumers, the reporter has consulted many imported floor dealers , and some dealers will mention that only some of the decking floor is imported brands.

When the reporter asked how to judge whether the product was imported, an salesperson of imported brand took out a certificate of authorization in Chinese version for the sale of decking floor brand abroad. But he did not take out a more authoritative proof. The salesman said: "these days, there is a very strict requirement on the qualifications of the floor dealers in the market. For example, customs declaration is taken by the market. If you want to check, you can ask the Sales Department of the market. " It seems that the fact cannot be judged only by certificate of authorization in Chinese version for consumers.

We need to ask to see more when looking imported brand.

How can we judge whether the WPC floor is authentic? The reporter has asked the relevant insiders. They pointed out that consumers need to ask more when they choose to buy, asking more about whether the product has standard custom entry goods declaration, the aptitude certificate and the relevant certification in quality testing and industry and commerce departments, also the agent aptitude or the sale certificate of authorization; seeing more about the decking package, whether the origin of the decking meets that asked before and trademark is right.

In addition, the expert of decking floor recommends that consumers needn’t to have bind faith in foreign brands. The Chinese goods is a very good choice actually. At present, the quality and technology of the domestic floor is not very different from the foreign products, and the price is more affordable. If you do not want to spend money to no avail, the cost performance in China is high.

The announcement of cost of some WPC composite.

There is reference price when consumers purchasing WPC decking floor. The reference price of ordinary WPC decking of 8mm E0 level is between 65 yuan and 69 yuan. Recently, Chinese association of industry and commerce held news release conference about the white book of Chinese WPC decking cost, which first disclosed and put forward the reference interval of retail price.

According to the introduction of relevant responsible person of Chinese association of industry and commerce: the main materials composition of 8mm E0 level qualified WPC decking: E0 level base material, abrasion resistance paper, import base paper, balance paper, the total cost being 28~30 yuan / square meter.

Pressing, slotting, packaging, manual work costs are about 13~15 yuan; the total price of finished products is 41~45 yuan / square meter. Dealer often sell the products to retailers at the price of 6 yuan / square meters, that is, retailers purchase the goods at the price of 47~51 yuan. With the cost of circulation, retailer's profit and terminal installation service costs, it is suggested that the reference retail price is between 65 yuan ~69 yuan.

The above method can teach you to distinguish imported wood plastic flooring, and I hope it can help you.

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