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Seven Trust HD Series Of Wood Plastic Flooring

It is annoying to choose a floor with fashionable appearance, high cost performance, strong abrasion resistance, natural and beautiful texture and easy to take care of. Wood plastic flooring is currently the first choice for young people in home decoration, so today we will take you to look at the Seven Trust HD series of wood plastic flooring and find the most suitable wood plastic flooring for your family.

Product Details:

1. Fashionable appearance, full of light perception, clear and natural floor surface texture pattern.

Seven Trust Flooring has always been adhering to the development of leading the brand with fashion. Seven Trust also applies this concept to the research and development of Seven Trust HD floor. The use of optical reflection principle solves the shortcomings of uneven light reflection of ordinary floor mirrors, and makes Seven Trust floor HD floor look more fashionable and brighter from any angle. Permanently solves the sense of layering caused by light refraction on the floor.

2. Excellent internal quality, good stability, high-quality imported logs and high-density pressing

The Seven Trust HD series flooring is entirely made of imported materials, using refined high-density log fast-growing substrates, pressed by hot pressing technology, and exclusively using the internationally leading ULDGADT technology to create a brand new floor, both internal and external quality is particularly good.The internal density is very high. Under normal circumstances, the lower the density of the high-density board, the larger the expansion tree. However, Seven Trust flooring uses too special technology to dissolve aluminum oxide into liquid, soak the surface wood grain paper in it, which increases the flexibility of the wood grain paper, and fundamentally solves the surface appearance of ordinary wood plastic flooring during use. Cracking, wrinkling, bubbling, etc., so that the wood plastic floor can also achieve good stability.

3. Waterproof, moisture-proof, worry-free, surface coating is safe and environmentally friendly

The special treatment process reduces the use of melamine, and it has formed a strategic partner with Dare Technology to adopt Dare’s low-formaldehyde release substrates to achieve all-round environmental protection requirements from the inside to the outside, which not only meets the needs of fashionable people, but also satisfies Environmental protection requirements for the elderly and children.

4. Ultra-strong wear-resisting, completely non-marking, unique ultra-microcrystalline wear-resistant factor average distribution technology can fully improve the performance of the floor surface to resist scratches and not easy to deform.

The special processing of the surface layer of Seven Trust floor wood-grain paper makes the floor surface layer have strong flexibility, which not only greatly increases the fusion and clarity of the floor, but also solves the problem of common floors when used on geothermal floors. Quality problems such as bubbling and delamination. This kind of flexible use has good shrinkage performance and can be used safely in geothermal environment.

5. Easy installation and high quality service

Seven Trust's original "super lock" technology solves the common problems of floor lock assembly and makes the floor joint smoother and tighter.

Seven Trust HD series of wood plastic flooring is currently the best in sales and customer response is also the best. This wooden floor is completely made of wood materials through hot pressing technology, and exclusively uses the internationally leading ULDGADT technology to create a brand new floor. The performance makes it have both the external beauty of solid wood flooring and the durability of composite flooring. The floor surface adopts the unique ultra-microcrystalline wear-resistant factor average distribution technology, which can fully improve the wear and scratch resistance of the floor surface. Seven Trust HD series floor texture pattern is clear and natural, fashion and environmental protection coexist, pursue fashion, strive for environmental protection, excellent quality, suitable for geothermal.

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