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Can The Wood Plastic Plate Soak In The Water?

Now many villa outdoor platforms will use wood plastic flooring for decoration. The introduction and use of this kind of flooring effectively makes up for the shortcomings of traditional wooden flooring. Traditional wooden floors are more afraid of soaking in water during use. If they are in contact with water for a long time, they will be damp and deformed. This will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the practicality of the floor. So can the wood plastic floor soaked in water? The wood plastic material floor is mainly made of high density fiberboard for processing during production, and recycled plastics and other materials are added for production, so the floor will not be deformed after being exposed to water, and the floor can be directly installed outdoors for use. The introduction and use of materials have also changed the definition of traditional wooden flooring.

In everyone's impression, the biggest disadvantage of solid wood flooring is that it is not waterproof and moisture proof, and this does not appear in wood plastic flooring, because the waterproof and moisture proof function of wood plastic flooring is very powerful. During the cleaning process, there is no need to worry that leaving water stains will affect the life of the floor or maintenance.

Wood plastic material has excellent physical and chemical properties, similar to the appearance of wood, better than the wood stability, will not produce cracks, warping, no wood scarring, twill, high hardness, long life, etc, at home decoration, wood Plastic materials can be secondary processing, the advantages of large utilization. Waterproof, moisture. Fundamentally solve the wood products on the wet and multi water environment, moisture absorption after the moisture is easy to rot, expansion and deformation of the problem, you can use the traditional wood products can not be used in the environment.

Because wood plastic flooring is waterproof, it is suitable for environments where laminate or hardwood flooring is not normally used, such as bathrooms and basements. Compared with traditional laminates, it can be installed more easily and consistently in large rooms. It provides cushioning and comfort. Wood plastic flooring combines the strength and beauty of hardwood flooring with the elasticity, maintainability and economy of original PVC flooring.

The following are the waterproof advantages of wood plastic flooring:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Can be installed over most subfloors
  • No ripples, swelling, or peeling when exposed to liquids
  • Thick durable wear layers offer superior protection
  • 30 – 40% the cost of hardwood flooring

The following are some other advantages of wood plastic flooring:

1. Pest control, anti-termite, effectively prevent insects harassment, to extend the service life.

2. Variety of colors to choose from. Both natural wood texture and wood texture, but also according to their own personality to customize the required color.

3. Plasticity, can be very simple to achieve personalized modeling, fully embodies the personality style.

4. High fire resistance. Can effectively flame retardant, fire rating to B1 level, the case of fire self-extinguishing, does not produce any toxic gases.

The above is some analysis of can the wood plastic floor soaked in water.The answer is yes,but if it is soaked in water, it will still affect the quality of the wood plastic board, so don't put the wood plastic board in the water.Shanghai seven trust have you need.

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