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The Difference Between Wood Plastic Fence and Conventional Fence

Why are more and more people choosing wood plastic fence instead of conventional fence? Why are wood plastic fences so popular? Today we will take a look at the difference between wood plastic fence and conventional fence.


1. Compared with the cement brick wall, the wood plastic fence is light in texture and will not cause accidents similar to the collapse of a brick wall and cause personal injury.

2. The structure is firm and can withstand the impact of 7th typhoon; compared with the color steel sandwich fence, the following risks can be reduced:

Overturning or even flying off due to strong wind or external force, causing casualties;

The risk of equipment and materials being stolen easily by man-made destruction, which can lead to more serious consequences;

There will be no sharp edges caused by the upturned corners, which will cause injury to workers or passers-by.

Convenient installation: The DIY combination installation of co-extruded wood plastic board + aluminum alloy is extremely simple and convenient. 4 workers can install more than 100m per day, which can greatly increase the construction speed and simultaneously reduce the construction cost.

Maintenance-free: The wood plastic fence material has excellent weather resistance. It is not deformed, faded, or aging in the sun, wind, and rain. It has strong corrosion resistance to various chemicals on the construction site and overcomes the easy The shortcomings of rust and rot.

Cost-effective: The wood plastic fence products can be disassembled many times and recycled; and the wood plastic panels and aluminum alloy components can be 100% recycled, reducing the overall investment cost.

Aesthetics: The wood plastic fence board has a strong sense of wood, with a smooth surface, soft color, and beautiful appearance. The color of the product can also be adjusted according to customer requirements.

The above is the difference between wood plastic fence and conventional fence, which is also the reason why wood plastic fence is popular. To learn more about wood plastic composite materials and their application products, please pay attention to Shanghai Seven Trust, welcome to like and comment , collection, I would like to thank all my brothers and sisters!

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