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How To Check The Composite Wood Decking

The composite wood floor is made by crushing the logs, adding glue, preservatives, and additives, and pressing them with high temperature and high pressure by a hot press. Therefore, it breaks the physical structure of the logs and overcomes the weakness of poor stability of the logs. The composite floor has high strength, uniform specifications, high wear resistance, anti corrosion, anti moth, and good decorative effect, which overcomes the problems of scar knots, bug eyes, and color difference on the surface of the log.So do you know how to check the composite wood decking after installation? Let me explain it to you.

There are four steps:

  • How to check the composite wood decking-listen to the sound of wood decking

When the composite wood decking installation, the first thing to check is when the composite wood decking installed under the gap, it can listen to the composite wood decking sound check it out. The detection method is back and forth in the composite wood decking mounted at the same pace of walking, and with more than usual strength to move, whether there are around in the process of discordant voices, especially near the location and the location of the wall near the door to walk several times, listen to the sound is consistent. The different thickness of the composite solid wood decking is not, its sound produced will be different.

  • How to check the composite wood decking - look at the surface of the composite wood decking

After examination, need to check the entire composite wood decking installation effect, the surface roughness of how well composite wood decking after installation, the surface will not have deformation, warping and so on. The detection method is to take a ruler, the best ruler is 2 meters long, the smoothness by looking at different whether the location is on the decking, and the gap between the best of not more than 3 mm. Whether three layer or multi-layer composite wood decking, in the process of testing, the best to extract a few places, generally more than 80% qualified is truly qualified. Some composite wood decking above there are many patterns. You also need to check. The integrity of these patterns, especially the mosaic part of the pattern.

  • How to check the composite wood decking - look at the surface of the composite wood decking

Even with the composite wood decking, different manufacturers have different colors, different styles of different types. Therefore, need to check the composite wood decking mosaics each piece are the same color, if there is a lot of color, which is not qualified, and will directly affect the appearance of the composite wood decking without. The color of the wood decking in the color collocation can bring very good results.

  • How to check the composite wood decking - acceptance to acceptance of composite wood decking skirting

Skirting line refers to the wall area is relatively easy to get kicked, damaged position. Therefore, an acceptance of composite wood decking skirting board is also very important. Generally, the gap gap between the baseboard and the door jamb of the maximum height of 2 mm, the gap between the baseboard and the different location of the maximum 1 mm. And the baseboard and the floor surface is the best distance between 3 to 5 mm. Only after every detail after strict project acceptance, to ensure that the composite wood floor can not only bring practical effect, but also good decorative home furnishing.

Have you learned the acceptance knowledge of composite wood flooring? If you use composite wood floor on the floor in your home, go and check it quickly.

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