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Analysis of aging resistance of plastic wood composites

Plastic wood composite materials, due to their environmental friendliness, good sustainability, and excellent mechanical properties, have solved the white pollution problem caused by waste plastics to a certain extent, and can effectively alleviate the pressure of shortage of wood resources. With the increasing use of wood plastic composite materials, people are paying more and more attention to the aging performance of wood plastic composite materials. The weather resistance of plastic wood composites is one of the hot research in the world. The plastic wood composites test center and different types of experimental stations have been established to explore the aging laws of plastic wood composites through various aging tests. Aging influencing factors, and aging mechanism, has accumulated a lot of experience in improving the formula ratio and processing technology of composite materials aging performance.
The combination of wood components and plastics in plastic wood composites is not perfect due to some factors, due to the large difference in surface properties between the main components of plastic wood composites, as well as factors such as processing technology, basic composition and proportion of materials . The influence of the plastic wood composite material will cause the performance of the interface of the plastic wood composite material to be unstable. Therefore, the plastic wood composite material is affected by the use environment during use, such as light (especially ultraviolet), air, temperature, moisture, microorganisms and other factors that cause aging . In order to widely use plastic wood composite materials, scholars have studied and summarized the aging influence factors, aging phenomenon, aging law, aging mechanism and service life of plastic wood composite materials during use, in order to find ways to improve the aging resistance of plastic wood composite materials .
To sum up, it is necessary to establish a complete research system and a comprehensive set of test standards and evaluation criteria for plastic wood aging to avoid invalid data obtained due to non-standard experiments; establish a large-scale plastic wood composite material aging database, It is convenient for reference and comparison, and can avoid a large number of repeated tests, and establish a large-scale test center to facilitate more precise experiments; strengthen the research on the factors affecting the aging of plastic wood composite materials, and conduct a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the factors that affect the interface compatibility ; from a microscopic perspective, deeply and systematically study the aging mechanism of plastic wood composite materials; establish authoritative mathematical models related to plastic wood aging to effectively and accurately predict the life of plastic wood; optimize the composition ratio of plastic wood, improve processing technology, develop plastic wood processing equipment, improve the comprehensive performance of plastic wood, and research and develop plastic wood composite materials with specific functions.

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