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What maintenance measures should be taken for plastic wood composite guardrails

What maintenance measures should we usually do for plastic wood composite guardrail? It is necessary to prevent it before it happens! We often encounter cracks, which will affect the appearance and quality of plastic wood composite. Many friends are thinking about what methods and measures can this problem be solved?

There are many reasons for the cracks in the plastic wood composite guardrail, which can generally be divided into two processes: before the plastic wood composite hardening and after the plastic wood composite hardening. Before hardening, the plastic wood composite mortar is still in a plastic state, and settlement occurs due to the different densities of various constituent materials, and free water inside is precipitated, causing settlement shrinkage cracks, which usually occur when the surface layer is wiped. However, when the cement wood-like surface layer is made on the dry base layer, the moisture is quickly absorbed by the base layer, which causes the plastic wood composite material to shrink significantly and also produces wide and deep cracks.

In order to avoid cracks caused by the settlement of the plastic wood composite guardrail, the following important measures are recommended:

1. After the plastic wood composite material is finished, it should be prevented from strong wind and hot sun before water separation occurs;

2. Avoid construction in high temperature climate. In high temperature weather, cement hydration speeds up, and the internal heat of hydration is not easy to dissipate in time, resulting in temperature cracks. At the same time, due to the accelerated water evaporation, the cement-plastic wood composite mortar quickly dries and shrinks, which is easy to produce shrinkage cracks.

3. The plastic wood composite guardrail should be maintained in time after completion to prevent the moisture on the surface of the cement imitation wood from evaporating and drying;

4. Before applying cement-plastic wood composite mortar, the base layer of the structure should be wetted;

5. Adopt secondary wiping to reduce surface shrinkage cracks;
The plastic wood composite fence is very easy to maintain. The plastic wood composite material is unique, easy to clean, and has a long service life. It overcomes the defects of wood being perishable, worm-eaten, and fading. It chooses high-quality materials and is not afraid of sun and rain. The color is beautiful and durable. These characteristics have laid the foundation for its long life. Plastic wood composite products are not only ornaments, but also a kind of handicraft, which has a certain collection value. For the protection of nature and the conservation of resources, plastic wood composite fence is the first choice.

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