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Why choose Seven Trust Plastic Wood?

In recent years, the demand for wood-plastic flooring is increasing. Especially in some large parks, wood-plastic flooring is basically used. The wood-plastic series products have developed rapidly. Seven Trust wood-plastic flooring has also kept pace with its development. While always consolidating the quality of the original wood-plastic floor, not only have made many improvements in the quality and stability of the basic profile, but also developed antique wood-plastic flooring. This is an innovation of wood-plastic flooring, and antique wood-wood flooring is more retro and elegant. . At the same time, it has been further promoted into a new one. Seven Trust WPC not only launched a new colorful WPC flooring product --- colorful WPC flooring with stable colors and beautiful appearance has been loved by new and old customers since its introduction. , Become a major feature of the company. And Seven Trust WPC is the latest co-extruded WPC flooring product recently launched. It is produced using the most advanced extrusion molding technology in the industry. The surface of WPC is evenly and firmly covered with the co-extrusion layer. The plastic-wood floor produced by this new technology not only retains the mold, moisture, insect and other excellent properties of traditional plastic wood, but also has stronger abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, pressure resistance, stain resistance and weather resistance. It also has a more realistic solid wood texture that looks closer to solid wood.

Seven Trust Wood Plastics not only strives for excellence in quality, but also pays great attention to the appearance. From the beginning to the present, new colors have been continuously introduced. There are now eight colors to choose from. The newly launched colorful flooring is beyond color Not only that, but also the surface treatment methods of Seven Trust wood-plastic are complex and diverse, including plane drawing, small tooth pattern, medium tooth pattern, large tooth pattern, and the middle hole also has round holes, square holes, and side faces. Grooves and non-grooves, the width of the board is also thick and thin. Depending on the installation scene, you can also choose hollow or solid. Various wood-plastic material profiles are available to meet your requirements.

Seven Trust WPC is a brand manufacturer of WPC flooring. We provide free online construction guidance and quotation services. Our company has many extrusion production lines with complete specifications. If you want to know specific product information, please contact us

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