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How to install wood plastic composite lines

How to install wood plastic composite lines? Because wood plastic composite lines are a new type of composite material, many users do not understand how to install wood plastic composite lines. The solid wood plastic composite lines are installed in different places in different ways.
1. Wood plastic composite line ceiling and corner line ceiling
(1) First measure the size of the corner line of the ceiling, and then cut the corner lines required on the four sides of the room according to the actual size of the wall.
(2) Then paste the required corner line of the wall below the horizontal line, the edge of the corner line should be aligned with the horizontal line, and the hole of the side adjustment line should be marked. Generally, the hole distance is about 10-375px between.
(3) Use an electric hammer to punch a 4mm hole. The center position must be accurately measured when punching. The depth of the hole is about 750px.
(4) After the hole punching is completed, place the wood plastic composite line above the marked position, and then drive the expansion tube into the punched hole and install it.
2. Wood plastic composite baseboard installation
If wood plastic composite lines are used for the skirting, the installation method is similar to that of the skirting.
(1) Determine the position of the skirting hole, and pay attention to the position of the hole to avoid the direction of the water and electricity lines. In addition, the interval between drilling holes cannot be very large, otherwise the wood plastic composite skirting line is difficult to fix.
(2) Place the wood plastic composite skirting line in the corresponding position, and then fix it with nails.
(3) A 45-degree chamfering should be done at the corner of the wall where the skirting lines intersect. This can ensure the aesthetics of the skirting.
(4) The nails to fix the skirting must use special threaded nails. In addition, the skirting line must be close to the wall, and all the nails must be submerged in the skirting line, otherwise it will be easy to loosen.

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