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Plastic wood composite flooring can be maintenance-free outdoors

Plastic wood composite flooring can be maintenance-free outdoors

Comparison of the difference between ecological wood plastic composite and wood: wood plastic composite profiles consume less resources when making goods than wood profiles, and wood plastic composite profiles are profiles extruded and stretched by special profile molds. It can manufacture various shapes of molds according to our needs, and produce various shapes and lengths of profiles that meet customer needs. However, the length of all wood is fixed (the length is restricted by the age of the tree), and various shapes must be processed with carpenter tools. It takes a lot of wood resources to get a profile.

With the same shape and volume, wood plastic composite materials and wood materials can win more with less. Without affecting the structural strength, both wood plastic composite materials use hollow forms, whose strength far exceeds that of wood. For example, usually paving the field floor, in the case of using wood, solid wood with a thickness of 45mm or more is required. For wood plastic composite materials, only hollow materials with a thickness of 25mm are required, and its strength far exceeds that of 45MM-thick anticorrosive wood.

Wood plastic composite material is a kind of profile, all of which use hollow form, which saves a lot of materials. We all know that aluminum alloy doors and windows can be implemented so quickly because of the hollow profile. If it is a solid aluminum alloy door and window, then the price is unimaginably high. We all know that hollows can reduce weight without affecting strength. Wood plastic composite can be hollow, but wood does not have this advantage. Wood plastic composite surface does not need to be painted, usually wood needs to be painted or water-based paint. In other words, WPC is convenient and cheap in construction.

Wood plastic composite products can be protected from protection when used in the wild. Wood is basically protected once a year in the process of using it in the field, while the wild products of wood plastic composite materials do not need to be protected every year, so the protection cost of wood plastic composite materials is far Lower than finished wood products.

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