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How to effectively maintain PVC yacht teak flooring

Teak wood is often used as a deck material for luxury yachts because of its strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low deformation, and no bending and cracking under seawater erosion and sun exposure. Even on small and medium-sized yachts with fiberglass hulls, you can still see teak.

Although the corrosion resistance of teak is higher than that of other tree species, if it is not carefully taken care of, teak will slowly age and become a faint silver gray. Let the whole yacht be like a dying old man. Seeing that my beloved yacht became like this, the interest in sailing naturally diminished. Therefore, the maintenance of teak is particularly important.

Generally speaking, the frequency of floor cleaning is at least 2-3 times a month, and each time you need to do two things. One is to clean the teak floor; the other is to coat the floor with teak oil.

1. Clean the teak floor
Let's talk about cleaning the teak floor. The correct way is to clean it with clean water first to remove the stains and dust on the surface, and then apply a special cleaning agent to the floor evenly and wipe it gently. After the initial wiping, wait a few minutes for the cleaning agent. Can penetrate into the floor. Then wipe the key contaminated area with a sponge, and finally rinse it with clean water.

It should be noted that after cleaning with water, the floor needs to be exposed to the sun for 4-8 hours. If it is cloudy, it needs to be placed for 24 hours so that the floor can be completely dry. If the floor is not dry, teak oil is not recommended.

2. Teak oil maintenance floor
Let's talk about how to use teak oil correctly. Generally there are two steps. The first is sanding. For the stains that cannot be cleaned by the cleaning agent, sand it with 120 grit sandpaper. The second is oiling. Spread evenly on the floor surface with a sponge, rag or brush. Take care to wipe off excess oil on the caulking. After applying it twice, wait 12 hours for it to dry completely, then it can be used normally.

There are also some places to pay attention to oiling. The first is the painting time. Since it takes a certain time for teak to absorb teak oil, leave 30-40 minutes after application to allow teak oil to penetrate. At the same time, pay attention to check whether there is excess oil, because where a lot of teak oil is used, the floor color will be relatively dark, so it is easy to appear dark or light if it is not evenly applied, which affects the appearance. In addition, when brushing the oil, be sure to choose a sunny day, which can help the board to absorb, and pay attention to the dry floor.

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