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Plastic wood composite and the development of outdoor furniture

Plastic wood composite materials have obvious advantages. The materials used are simple and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. Compared with ordinary wood, they are more waterproof, anti-corrosion, and non-drying, reducing the environmental requirements of traditional furniture; compared with other man-made materials, plastic wood composite materials can be cut and can be cut. Engraving, after being damaged and broken, there will be no sharp stubble, which is very beneficial to the preservation of traditional furniture decoration patterns. In addition, the uniform and stable physical properties of the plastic wood composite material are conducive to carving fine patterns; its life is even longer than mahogany furniture is more durable and harder than ordinary wood. There is no strict requirement on the quality of natural wood materials, and the maintenance is simple.
The color, texture, and texture of wood plastic composite furniture determine its surface effect. The current way to optimize the surface performance of wood plastic composite furniture is to add color masterbatches to the materials. The advantage is that even after wind and sun, plastic wood composite materials hardly fade; the second is to achieve surface effects through extrusion and other production methods in the production of plastic wood composite materials, and the third is to perform secondary processing on the processed plastic wood composite materials, such as painting and veneer. And so on, the surface can be made old and antique, and the color can achieve natural effect.
With the increasingly prominent contradiction between human economic growth and the destruction of the ecological environment, the research and application of green environmental protection materials become more urgent. The introduction of plastic wood composite materials into the field of traditional furniture will undoubtedly increase the source of living water. Driven by traditional furniture design, market benefits, environmental protection benefits, etc., it is a rare opportunity to introduce plastic wood composite materials into the traditional furniture field. It will not only be a self-development of traditional furniture, but also become accessible to the public. An opportunity to examine and spread traditional furniture culture. Only the traditional furniture that develops with the times will have a strong and continuous vitality.

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